When I first started utilizing circular saws, what i knew about the one saw knives was this:how many teeth the blade has and the size of the blade. An altering the blade to be easy…or so i thought….until the day once I couldn’t number out which method to placed the tongue in and also felt prefer a fool.

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(Sometimes, friend don’t understand what you don’t know….and climate you feel prefer the greatest idiot. Ammi right??)

In my level the experience, ns knew the the variety of teeth a blade had made a large difference in the high quality of the cut. Require a unstable cut?? usage a 24-teeth frame circular saw blade to cut quickly. Want a smooth cut for your wood? shot a 40-teeth end up blade because that fine cuts with much less tear-out.

Those two lumber circular saw blades were adequate for my woodworking, DIY, and also home development needs. I never looked into the large assortment the blades due to the fact that I simply didn’t require them. As a carpentry student and now a new Crew Leader with Habitat because that Humanity, however, I’m venturing into needing an ext circular saw knives for different projects and materials.

Back in the spring, I had the possibility to peer over the shoulder the a demo guy at a Diablo one saw chisels booth in ~ a residence Depot event and also was mind-blown at just how he was slicing v thick steel like the circular observed blade to be a hot knife v butter.

That’s once it became noticeable that I had actually a lot more to learn about circular experienced blades!

Here are some questions and also answers down below that you might have about circular experienced blades, too!


What Circular witnessed Blade is the Best?

It’s basic to questioning the “what is best?” question when researching anything: What’s the finest paint because that furniture? What’s the ideal vinyl flooring? What’s the best power drill? However, the concern isn’t about what the ideal is, yet rather, what is best based upon my needs?

The exact same is true for circular saw blades. The concern isn’t, “What’s the best circular witnessed blade?” however rather, “What is the best circular observed blade based upon what I have to cut?”

For example, did you recognize that there are blades specially formulated because that cutting composite decking material….cement backer board….and laminate flooring? I’ll be moral with you–I didn’t recognize that.

Diablo, the course, is one of the many widely used and also trusted brands in the industry, supplying circular observed blades, miter observed blades, etc., and also for a selection of materials and also finishes: lumber only, wood and also metal combined, metal only, aluminum, plastic, composite decking, fiber cement, and also laminate flooring. So gain out of the habit of asking which circular saw blade is best and rephrase the question, “What is the best type of blade because that this form of material?”

What’s the best Size Circular witnessed to Own?

Did you understand that circular saws are sized based upon the size of the blade? That’s right. They room as little as 5-3/8″ size (that use 5-3/8″ blades) all the method up to 7-1/4″ circular saws. The standard size is 7-1/4″. (FYI…Diablo does make smaller sized blades however I’m not certain they’re offered on the one saws or one more tool).


(Left) A 7-1/4″ circular experienced is standard; (Right) circular saws also come in smaller sized 6-1/2″.

A typical 7-1/4″ circular experienced is ~ above the left; a smaller 6-1/2″ circular witnessed is top top the right. If you’re in the market for a brand-new circular saw, I’d certainly recommend girlfriend buy the traditional 7-1/4″ circular saw. If you’re cut wood; thin, medium, or special metal; tool or special aluminum; or a selection of lumber applications, the 7-1/4″ circular observed has knives that can fit come cut all of these species of materials. However, if friend buy a smaller circular saw, you might not be able to buy smaller chisels that have the right to handle cutting those materials. You have an ext cutting options with the 7-1/4″ sized circular saw.

Here are a few types of chisels that you’ll desire to consider including to her DIY toolbox. Girlfriend can check them all the end on Diablo.com.

Wood & Metal

These 7-1/4″ circular saw knives have 36 this per inch and also can slice v wood and wood that has actually nails in it! Think around cutting increase pallets. If you’re doing any type of DIY pallet projects, and also you must quickly reduced through the lumber without worrying about hitting a nail, this blade provides affect resistance because that cutting wood v nails, and the durability for creating clean, burr-free cuts in metal.

Framing Blade

Every toolbox should have a basic circular observed blade for cutting 2 x 4 wood, i m sorry is frequently used for framing in turbulent carpentry (but numerous DIY furniture builds usage 2 x 4 wood, too). Because this has actually 24 teeth, it’s not for smooth cuts; it’s finest for fast cuts whereby appearance won’t have to matter.

Diablo stole Demon

Now,this circular saw blade cut through steel as you’ve never seen before!! I had the opportunity to check out a demo that this steel cutting circular observed blade in action and what is different around using the is that is has:

Cermet teeth (ceramic and metallic blend) provide high warmth tolerances.Increased stiffness so it will last approximately 40X much longer than a traditional carbide-tipped metal cutting experienced blade.Triple chip tooth design provides burr-free finishes that require no-rework and longer cutting lifeAdvanced laser-cut stabilizer vents catch noise and also vibration for maximum stability, keeping the tongue cool because that straight, accurate cuts in steel cutting applications


The last point you’d want when cutting metal are spicy burrs that could slice her finger or hot metal that will certainly burn. The steel Demon chisels will cut cleanly there is no burrs, keeps the steel much cooler than a traditional metal cut blade, and also does the job much faster without together much initiative (even in a battery-powered circular saw). If you’re cutting any of the complying with metals, definitely consider the steel Demon metal cutting circular saw blade:

Studs/channels – 1/16″ – 1/4″Pipes/tubes – 1/16″ – 1/4″Angle iron – 1/16″ – 1/4″EMT Conduit – 1/16″ – 1/4″Plates/bars – 1/8″ – 1/2″Threaded stick – 1/4″ – 1-1/2″


What Circular observed Blade come Use?

Now the you recognize you’re searching for the best type that circular observed blade, inspect out the infographic listed below to watch which metal cutting blade or lumber cutting blade is best, based upon your project. Using the right blade because that the right project saves you time, price (since you’re not wasting materials), and saves you frustration!

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And don’t forget the there space specialty blades for materials such together composite decking, cement backer board, and also laminate flooring. Diablo provides these blades, as well.


Which means to readjust a Circular experienced Blade?

Now that you understand which tongue is best to use for i beg your pardon material and also project you’re functioning on, let’s talk around how you actually change those blades! If it would certainly be perfect if there was one blade the cuteverything…or if you had actually multiple one saws with separate knives for each of the types of products it cuts, but that’s not the case for the everyday DIYer (maybe because that professionals!)

Before jumping right into which method to insert a circular experienced blade when transforming the blade, let’s first talk about which direction the blade of the observed actually cuts.

Circular saws reduced on the increase stroke, which method that they rotate in a clockwise fashion, cutting from the bottom up. This is why once you’re making use of a one saw, the next of the lumber that will be your “good” side must be dealing with down. It’s walking to be the cleanest sheet (although if you placed painter’s ice on the right-side-up side of the wood where it’s being cut, friend can assist prevent tear-out and you’ll gain a an excellent cut).

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But before we obtain into the “how” on an altering a blade, just know the each circular witnessed blade has actually some info that you can uncover on its face, including:

Type of blade it is and the material is finest cuts (Wood & Metal, Framing, for steels & Stainless Steel).The thickness of the material it cuts (min and also max)Number of this the blade has (e.g 24 teeth….48 teeth…)The direction the blade should rotateSpeed that the rotationSize that the blade (e.g. 7-1/4″ is standard)A warning about reading the warnings had with the blade.

My recommendation is to take a picture of her circular saw blades and record it away because, after repetitive cuts, this beneficial information put on away as if it’s written in crayons.