How to turn the bolt to eliminate lawnmower blade? Secure your mower so that won’t start accidentally, unplug the spark plug boot, revolve it over, for sure the blade and also use a breaker bar to rotate the bolt respond to clockwise (to the left). This is the quick and also dirty answer come the question yet there room a most details to do the removal go smoothly.

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We display you the complete process and emphasis on exactly how to carry out it safely. The last thing you desire is to try to quickly get the blade off and also end up cutting your hand. This happens more than girlfriend think.Follow these advice if you want to learn just how to turn the bolt to eliminate a lawnmower blade.

Push or Self moved Mower -Remove the tongue safely

Prepare the lawnmower

Remove the spark plug boots from the spark plug. For your safety, you have to remove the spark plug to avoid the engine from starting accidentally. Many mowers start by centrifugal force, therefore it no take lengthy to begin the combustion process.To disconnect the spark plug, find the spark plug publication which is generally on the front next of the engine.Pull the boots firmly so that disconnects native the spark plug. You can use her hand to pull it off. No tools needed for this step.Why? This guarantee there’s no electric flare-up in situation the spark plug comes into contact with oil or gas & your blade i will not ~ accidentally start up the engine.Next, rotate the lawnmower through gas tank and air cleaner encountering up to stop spillage. All mowers room different, for this reason you may want to refer to the user manual before you start the process. Most toro and also honda mowers must be turned to the right as shown in the photo below.Then secure the mower blade. You merely wedge a piece of wood between the mower deck and the blade. Any type of attempt to rotate the mower will certainly be difficult. This method you i will not ~ accidentally turn the blade and also possibly reduced yourself.Put top top the socket and socket wrench.

Pro Tip: use a breaker bar that is at the very least 20″ long to give you additional leverage on your socket wrench. If the bolt is really stuck on over there you need to use a much longer bar 30″ to provide you much more leverage.When break the bolt loosened it make take a little of force. You desire to make certain you nothing slip and cut your hand. A breaker bar helps carry out the extra pressure while safely loosing the bolt.

Turn the lawnmower tongue bolt counterclockwise


The bolt is loosened by transforming left (counterclockwise) utilizing a 16mm socket.But depending on the model of the mower, the bolt head deserve to be 1/2″inch or 5/8-inch.The bigger the socket wrench, the much more leverage you’ll have. pay close attention to the position of the blade as you remove it due to the fact that you’ll mountain a brand-new one in the exact same orientation.The tongue bolt will revolve as you rotate the socket. You may be required to usage your hand to hold it as soon as loosening. In this regard, you must wear gloves to safeguard your hands. It’s an excellent to note that part models use blade-lock tools to keep the mower in one place. This prevents the blade from rotating once trying to remove the bolt.The nut may acquire smaller because of corrosion, so you should use an suitable tool. Because that example, a 16 mm socket might be a far better fit for 18-20 mm bolt. ~ that, look for a long-handled ratchet or a breaker bar to help with leverage. If the tension suddenly becomes soft, the bolt could be stripping the threads. Make sure you wear part garden gloves to minimize skinned knuckles.

Riding Lawnmower process…

Riding lawnmowers space more facility and much larger that simple push mowers. Make sure you readjust the blade on a level surface. Certain the parking brakes are engaged to avoid the mower from relocating when functioning on it. Generally, you need to lift the mower deck to expose the blade.The finest thing to execute is come prop it through some kind of weight. Because that example, you have the right to use a car jack come raise the mower in order to reach the blade and bolt. Or use ramps to journey the mower increase on and chock the rear wheels so it won’t role off.

How to eliminate rusted and also frozen mower bolts

While rusted bolts can be hard to take off, you deserve to tackle the difficulty with the ideal tools. A general rule of thumb is not to force anything. as with any other situation, you have to assess the instance beforehand. If the bolt is rusted, shot to eliminate as much rust as feasible from the threads.Use grease and also a stiff cable brush to acquire the task done. The idea is to soak the bolt under to permit the oil to creep into the threads. Simply use WD-40 and it will execute the job.Obviously, you should take great care come avoid any type of damage. Use wielder proof fire blankets to cover the plastic parts and paint. As soon as you revolve off the heat, shot to remove the bolt immediately as the heat deserve to dissipate fairly easily. For knives that space tightly seated, you may need to work it increase after you remove them.

Lawnmower tongue bolt size

The bolt size relies on the version of the mower. The will also determine the size of the socket essential to remove the blades. Be certain to describe the manufacturer’s manual prior to you decide to change the mower blade. If the bolt is 15mm you have to use a matching metric wrench.

Are riding lawnmower chisels reverse thread?

Most lawnmower knives are also reverse-threaded. This method that once the blade rotates, that does no loosen the bolt. That worth discussing that not all knives use a turning back thread bolt come secure them. Prior to you begin the process, discover out the direction of column rotation. If the blade in her mower turns clockwise, then it’s a reverse thread. However, if it rotates counterclockwise it has actually the common threads that tighten when you revolve the wrench in a clockwise direction. Make sure you place the bolt in a safe ar so the you have the right to easily discover it as soon as you’re ready to return the blade.

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Other considerations

Before you readjust the knives on her mower, make sure you have actually all the tools you need. Here are the pros and also cons of an altering lawnmower blades.ProsSharp blades guarantee a clean cutIncreases fuel efficiencyReduces mowing timeIncreases durability of the mowerCons• utilizing the dorn bolt have the right to make the tongue wobble

Final thoughts

Does her lawn look take it or ripped ~ mowing? Well, chances are that your mower chisels need to it is in replaced. This is basic task as lengthy as you strategy it correctly. As soon as you loosen the bolt, friend can conveniently remove the nuts native the mounting bracket. And also once she done, reduced the mower, reattach the spark plug and check the oil level. If you keep the chisels sharp, you’ll expand the life of her mower, rise fuel effectiveness and accomplish a clean cut in her lawn.

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