While gift interviewed for Lifetime’s newest "Surviving R. Kelly" series, Dash, who dated Aaliyah before her untimely fatality in 2011, stated that that knew the "whole story."


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R. Kelly’s connection with the so late singer Aaliyah has actually once again come under scrutiny, this time throughout Lifetime’s freshly premiered documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly component II: The Reckoning.”

The sequel come the network’s smash fight 2018 collection “Surviving R. Kelly” intends the magnifying glass at the singer again through delving right into his history and taking a closer look in ~ his hugely controversial marriage to the singer Aaliyah. While the so late singer, born Aaliyah Haughton, was tight-lipped during her lifetime about her brief marriage to Kelly, Damon Dash, record producer and also Aaliyah’s previous boyfriend, was featured in “The Reckoning” and also spoke around the effect that that believes Aaliyah’s connection with her previous mentor had on her.

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“She just said he to be a negative man, and she left it at that,” Dash said during episode two of the series. “I’m simply saying, it just made she so uncomfortable, that i couldn’t know about it, since it would"ve made me too uncomfortable no to shot to rectify the situation.”

He walk on to explain that the situation led the to seek therapy, commenting, “But I simply wouldn"t have actually been able to tolerate, you know, knowing details things and being in the same room with details people. You know what ns mean? uneven they"re begging me not to. So, I had actually to obtain therapy over that.”


Outlets started reporting in 1994 the Kelly and also Aaliyah had gained married, and a marriage certificate printed by Vibe magazine lists Aaliyah’s period as 18, return she was 15 in ~ the time, while Kelly was 27. The marriage was annulled months later, as result of her age, follow to the linked Press.

Kelly, who is currently facing many federal charges, was charged through bribery critical month, v prosecutors alleging the he paid a bribe come a windy employee in order to achieve “fraudulent to know document” for a girl described in the indictment together “Jane Doe,” the outlet reports. The ID, which was procured one day before Kelly married Aaliyah, to be for the young singer, one anonymous resource reportedly claimed. Kelly’s lawyer, meanwhile, has called the fee “ridiculous and also absurd.”

Speaking throughout episode 2 of “The Reckoning,” Dash explained Aaliyah together a “sacrificial lamb” in the situation, and also lamented the those approximately her walk not defend her as soon as she was younger.

“If, like, world would have safeguarded Aaliyah, so many other girl wouldn’t have acquired touched,” the said. “You know what I"m saying? and also whether they recognize they"re in a negative place or not, the reality that they were able to get touched supposed they to be in a bad place, and also they would"ve been able come get aid earlier. Friend know, friend shouldn"t have actually to constantly learn native pain. Periodically you deserve to learn from other people. Like, Aaliyah was choose the sacrificial lamb for all that, "cause she didn"t deserve none the that.”

He went on to speak to Aaliyah a “good girl” and a “good soul,” and also explained the she wasn’t resentful toward her former mentor, and also instead had actually a emotion of, “let that male live, yet just keep him the f--k far from me.”

“That’s every she wanted. She was simply happy to it is in away,” the continued.

Dash and Aaliyah met through his accountant in 2000, and the two were dating as soon as she died in a plane crash in the Bahamas in 2001 at the period of 22, Billboard reports. The music mogul said during the Lifetime series that he and Aaliyah to be planning to get married prior to she passed. He likewise said that knew “the totality story.”

“I recognize it to be to cover up and every one of that,” he continued. “But just how did that cover the up? It just made the conversation much less crazy. ‘Oh, that married a child?’ the was a headline. That was, like, a rumor. That was something talked about like it to be normal. It wasn’t like, ‘Ew, disgusting, friend married a 13-year-old.’ It was like, ‘Oh girlfriend married Aaliyah?’ she 13.”

When a producer off-camera corrected Dash, stating that Aaliyah was actually 15 years old at the time of her marital relationship to Kelly, Dash remarked, “I don"t have to be exact "cause ns don"t care. It"s 15, 13. Noþeles under 18 is disgusting. You understand what i mean? She to be a child, bro.”

This no the very first time the Lifetime series has debated Kelly’s alleged partnership with Aaliyah. The 52-year-old singer was known as having taken Aaliyah under his wing at the start of she career, and also produced she debut album, “Age Ain’t Nothing however A Number.”

During Lifetime’s first Kelly documentary, Jovante Cunningham, one of Kelly’s former backup dancers, declared that she once witnessed Kelly having actually sex through Aaliyah top top a packed tourism bus.

points that one adult should not it is in doing v a child. That was having actually sex v Aaliyah,” Cunningham said during one episode.

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Following the bombshell accusation, Aaliyah’s mother, Dianne Houghton, denied Cunningham’s story, calling it “lies and fabrications” and accusing Cunningham the trying to tarnish her daughter’s legacy. However, Cunningham stood by her cases in a statement issued to people last year, commenting, “It’s unfortunate the there space still world trying to defend as soon as they recognize he has ruined so plenty of people’s lives. Ns loved Aaliyah and when world watch the documentary, they will see just how much i cared for her and also how lot Robert’s plot deeply affected me and also so numerous others.”

Kelly has actually long been accused of sexual misconduct, with countless allegations worrying his alleged encounters v underage girls. The backlash against Kelly took on brand-new life adhering to the relax of Lifetime’s first Kelly documentary last year, and the disgraced singer, that is currently in custody in Illinois, is now encountering various charges, plenty of of castle sex-related, in many states.

During the very first episode the “The Reckoning,” Dash stated that he had actually a solid reaction when watching the first episode that the first series last year.

“I was getting tight,” that explained. “I was v Aaliyah, so i knew exactly what go on and, girlfriend know, my thing was always, ns didn’t understand why it take it so long.”