Inuyasha: 5 factors Inuyasha have to Have ended Up v Kikyo (& 5 Why Kagome was The best Choice) over there are an excellent reasons supporting Inuyasha"s partnership with Kagome, yet we also have feelings around what could"ve been had he finished up through Kikyo.

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Inuyasha might have finished a while ago, however it is definitely a franchise that resides on in the understanding of its plenty of fans. At the moment it was running, Kikyo, Kagome, and also Inuyasha to be a widely discussed love triangle in the anime community. Though, it was pretty noticeable with one Inuyasha to be going to end up with. No surprises below guys, he ended up v Kagome in the end.

However, fans still argue sometimes that he and Kikyo were a better couple. Kikyo ends up dice in the end, so would certainly Inuyasha have actually chosen in different ways if she lived? us will never know. Here is a perform of 5 reasons Kikyo was a far better match because that him and five reasons he and also Kagome were much better suited because that each other.

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maybe the greatest difference between Kagome and also Kikyo is the civilization they have actually lived in. People are shame by your community, and Kikyo was elevated in the feudal era and also Kagome in the modern era. Inuyasha was increased in the exact same era together Kikyo, so they would understand each various other much much more on assorted topics regarded the times they lived in.

For Kagome, she has school, different clothes, a family members from a various time, and also probably cannot affix to Inuyasha as soon as it involves politics, popular music culture, and also more.

Honestly, this was most likely the best deciding factor for Inuyasha. Kikyo died. The only reason she is a character in the display is that she was brought ago to life with magic, and also its even debatable if she undead self is the same woman that he loved. Also Kikyo appeared to be conscious that they could never be together because she had already died. Deep down, fans knew this too.

Kikyo was a an extremely special priestess, as she to be tasked come guard the sacred Jewel. This made she a constant target come be struck demons and sometimes even humans. Because of this, human being treated she differently. She to be either revered, feared, or an obstacle to the jewel. She to be an outcast. Inuyasha was an outcast also for being half-demon and also half-human. No side would accept him because of either being too weak or as well monstrous.

This commonality is what lugged him and also Kikyo together in the very first place. They saw past each other"s socially created identities and fell in love. That is an extremely romantic and deep.

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7 Kagome to be Positive

for this reason the Kikyo fans obtained to recognize was a rod in the mud contrasted to Kagome. Kagome was cheerful, hopeful, and also brought the end the best in Inuyasha (when they weren"t suggesting at least). Kikyo was exceptionally different. She was fatalistic, manipulative, and also a downer come the point she do Inuyasha feel consistent guilt. While that is understandable the Kikyo would certainly be boring after all that she has actually been through, it really can make because that an unhealthy relationship. Inuyasha acted different with Kagome than v Kikyo. V Kikyo, the was an extremely serious and also sad. V Kagome, he honestly simply seemed much more like himself.

Kagome could be really immature in ~ times. At the beginning of the show, in bespeak to control Inuyasha prior to they end up being friends, she can say "sit" and a wonder necklace would pressure him come the ground. It was understandable in ~ the time due to the fact that he was attacking her. However, she would start to speak it just when that mad she angry. While women brutalizing guys is frequently played as comedy in anime, we have to admit that is problematic.

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5 Inuyasha"s Friends chosen Kagome

Inuyasha did no really have actually friends when he was v Kikyo. Their partnership was isolated. Through Kagome, the made a lot of friends. His civilization was not just about her favor it was v Kikyo. The is healthy.

Not just did he do friends, however they to be Kagome"s girlfriend too. Between Kikyo and Kagome, his friends would certainly be there for Kagome. Kikyo was not a team player if Kagome was.

many Kikyo fans argue that Inuyasha and also Kikyo"s love is deeper and also what he has with Kagome, however what does the mean? Well, it"s a an initial love. It"s one old love. The is the type of love that is tragic and also hurts. It is part Romeo and also Juliet level narrative. That is what castle mean.

Kikyo to be there prior to Kagome and she and Inuyasha went through a many together. The more pain a couple goes through together sometimes simply makes their love stronger.

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3 Kagome carried Snacks from The Future

This may sound silly, yet it makes a great point. Kagome is from the future. To every the personalities in the feudal era, she is a miracle worker because that the type of stuff she brings ago in time. As soon as Kagome does not carry food she buys native the market, they have to hunt, kill, and cook. She introduced immediate noodles, bicycles, soda, and also so much much more to Inuyasha. Wouldn"t you want a partner from the future to obtain you part cool snacks and gizmos?

since she was elevated in the feudal era and also had the guard a powerful item, Kikyo to be a badass fighter. She was a demon slayer and also could shoot an arrowhead with a most distance and precision. In this manner, she to be an equal v Inuyasha. Kagome at some point got somewhat an excellent with a bow, however never prefer Kikyo. In many of the fights, Inuyasha is the one doing every the work. In the few scenes whereby Kikyo and Inuyasha fight together though, they room on equal ground.

1 Kagome Was no Bound to An Oath

component of why Kikyo want to rotate Inuyasha person was therefore the spiritual Jewel would disappear and she would ultimately be a totally free woman. She swore an oath to protect the fear Jewel, and that made it so she might never acquire married, have actually a family, or do lot else.

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Kagome is simply a high college student. She has taken no oath and is totally free to make her own decisions.