Home Depot’s distinctive orange color scheme and cohesive branding do it one of America’s most recognizable brands. The voice behind residence Depot’s advertisement is no exception, but who is behind the voice?

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Who Is The Voice Of residence Depot advertising In 2021?

The present voice of residence Depot advertisement is ‘Sweet residence Alabama’ gibbs Josh Lucas. According to Josh’s IMDB page, he has actually been voice the residence Depot advertisement ever due to the fact that September 2013. Previous actors who have voiced home Depot commercials include Ed Harris and also Brian Cummings.

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Keep reading to learn an ext about other celebrities that have actually done voice occupational for residence Depot commercials!

Who has actually Voiced home Depot advertising In The Past?

The complying with voice and also drama actors have added to voicing home Depot advertisement in the past. These human being include:

Josh LucasEd HarrisBrian Cummings

How Long has Josh Lucas to be Voicing house Depot’s Commercials?

Josh Lucas has actually been performing voice-over job-related for residence Depot’s commercials because September 2013, despite he has not worked specifically on house Depot adverts throughout this period of time.

How go Josh Lucas record Voice Over work For residence Depot Commercials?

Nearly all voice-over occupational is recorded for advertising in a recording studio in stimulate to create the best sound quality.

Most of josh Lucas’ recordings for house Depot were taped at The Sound Palace, i beg your pardon is a record studio based in Dallas, Texas.

Additionally, mock Lucas is rumored to have actually recorded home Depot commercial voice-overs from his house with a skilled microphone.

Have any type of Females Voiced residence Depot’s Commercials?

As the 2021, the is not clear whether any females have actually voiced a home Depot commercial.

Despite this, there have been countless female actresses that have functioned on home Depot commercials, including Dawn Rochelle Warner and also Scarlett Estevez.

Who Voiced Old house Depot Commercials?


During the 1990s, Brian Cummings generally did the voice-over job-related for home Depot commercials.

A home Depot commercial that aired in 1992 during an ad break because that WWF Superstars have the right to be uncovered with Brian Cummings together the voice actor. This house Depot advertisement aired top top WNYW Fox Channel 5!

What Was residence Depot’s very first Commercial?

Though home Depot’s very first official television commercial is no longer online, among its earliest advertisements quiet is, i m sorry is likely to be reflective the the original commercial.

This old residence Depot commercial to be aired ~ above KTRK Channel 13 in 1985, as an advertisement break for the movie The five Pennies.

This 1985 commercial mirrors employees thanking customers, and listing their finest local prices and also offers to customers based in the Houston, Texas area.

How carry out You use To Voice home Depot Commercials?

In order to be a voice gibbs on home Depot commercials, friend will an initial need to have some acting or front voice-over experience. To perform this, you might wish to walk to a drama college or take it an exhilaration course and voice-over lessons.

Once you have actually some experience in voice-overs and voice acting, you should look to rental an agent to discover some work on her behalf.

You must specify to her agent the you would choose to do some voice-over job-related for residence Depot commercials, and they will try to discover relevant work based on this.

Whether you control to it is in employed because that voice work-related by residence Depot relies on number of factors, such together whether her voice suits the advertising plot and if castle need one more voice actor.

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In summary, the current voice actor for residence Depot commercials is mockery Lucas. Josh Lucas is one actor who is known for his functions in ‘Sweet house Alabama and ‘American Psycho’. Previous voices of residence Depot encompass Brian Cummings and Ed Harris.