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This IS no a “honor the best guys in NBA history” list. If someone assisted mold and create the crossover, the doesn’t typical he’ll do this list. (I looked and looked, but Isiah cutting board never had actually a crossover nice enough to do it — that doesn’t typical he isn’t one of the best ballhandlers ever. Exact same thing through Kevin Johnson, who mastered going v his foot to shed defenders yet didn’t have actually a relocate that to the right the definitions of this list.) If john Crotty laid under the hammer, then he was going to do the reduced (luckily the didn’t). Ns would’ve thrown in Starbury collapsing the great Wall the China, but that wasn’t necessarily a great shake… the was more Yao just seeing a genuine offensive move for the very first time in his life and his feet didn’t cooperate.

With that, right here are the 20 ideal crossovers in NBA history.

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20. TIM HARDAWAY, The Crossover GodHardaway regularly gets the credit transaction for developing one that the first real crossover moves: the killer crossover. What made that so deadly to be Hardaway created a respond to for it. If you satellite on the crossover, he’d just throw it ago between his legs and also go ideal by you.

19. JAMAL CRAWFORD pipeline Wesley Matthews Grabbing at AirThis move was for this reason deadly ns still have actually no idea what Wes Matthews to be doing. Go he acquire pushed? Did he hear a whistle? walk he see Antoine Tyler‘s heart come under out the the stands? an ext likely, he to be so awkward he needed some type of excuse.

18. STEPHEN CURRY place Gary Neal In Popovich’s DoghouseBecause he’s probably the NBA’s finest shooter, human being often forget the Curry has actually some the the slickest handles in the game. He’s no necessarily the quickest player, but is so smooth v the round that that often captures defenders overplaying him.

17. Luke Ridnour Face-Plants Trying come Guard RUSSELL WESTBROOKMinnesota pan will complete Ridnour stepped on someone’s foot. I’ll say he got captured up in Westbrook’s tornado, and then tangled his feet up. That was a pretty violent fall, too.

16. DeShawn Stevenson Can’t feeling His entire Body against DWYANE WADEWade had actually a couple of other crossovers that were much more ruthless — I’m reasoning of the times he cut down, literally, Eric Snow and also Keith McLeod — but neither one of those ended in a make bucket (both time Wade to be fouled). But this one ~ above Stevenson (right in ~ the start of this video) was almost just together good.

15. DERON WILLIAMS turns Toney Douglas every The means AroundDeron Williams own my all-time favorite crossover move. The means he leans right into it, the method he puts his totality body into it. That hasn’t yanked as plenty of people due to the fact that moving to Brooklyn, yet that’s why YouTube was invented.

14. Steve Nash Slides out Of His Socks against TONY PARKERThe male who says he developed the tear drop additionally has among the all-time finest baseline crossovers. Nash obtained a sheep of that here, yet I don’t think any team suffered an ext at the end of this move than the Lakers.

13. KEVIN DURANT tells Sasha Pavlovic come Sit DownDurant’s as well long and tall to ever before be a flashy ballhandler, but he have the right to still chef something superior up every once in a while. This could’ve been just one of those plays that ends someone’s career. Nasty.

12. MICHAEL JORDAN puts Bryon Russell top top A Pogo StickWe’ll it is in hearing an ext from these two later on in this list. This double-crossover from Jordan rarely gets any love in his career to mark videos. Tell the to Russell — I’m certain he’ll it is in glad to hear it.

11. JASON KIDD Destroys two All-World Defenders top top The very same PlayRon Harper and also Scottie Pippen might be 2 of the ideal defenders of the modern-day era, yet they’re provided to getting cracked. Damon Stoudamire once put Harper top top his butt, and Kobe regularly sent Pippen out of the picture. In this one, Kidd’s moves took the both of castle out.

10. JAMAL CRAWFORD Barbecues beam AllenClassic YouTube comment on this video: “This was so nasty ns switched to porn once my mother came in.” That’s the only means to define it. Crawford is well-known for his “shake-n-bake” however this might be the finest move that his career. Jesus just broke down on the last crossover, unable to store up. This was likewise the only relocate on the list the didn’t technically monitor the rule here, yet I don’t think you will certainly really care.

9. TIM HARDAWAY UTEP 2-Stepping On kris ChildsI’ll admit I contemplated placing together this list without Mr. UTEP 2-Step. It’s no that the move isn’t dope, however Hardaway’s not shaking anyone through it the method some the the males on this list gain shook. Alas, that gets another spot simply since of the degree of difficultly. Coming down on the break — at virtually full rate — and also then walk through-the-legs before bringing that because throughout your body? That’s Houdini. Throughout his career, Childs got cracked multiple times by Hardaway.

8. ALLEN IVERSON telling Jacque Vaughn come Sit DownVaughn walk the unthinkable: an overwhelming Russell Crowe in the gladiator pit. It takes a details skill to gain crossed up… and also then stumble backwards and fall 10 feet beyond on her ass.

7. CHRIS PAUL turn Anthony Carter AroundAnthony Carter was always one that my favourite players in the league only due to the fact that he truly didn’t offer a damn around stuff like this. Many players would’ve lost their composure, either smacked the hell the end of CP or lock would’ve come under on the various other end and started chucking. I very doubt Carter did any kind of of that. The following time I view him, ns promise I’ll asking him about the play. Ns doubt he even remembers. He probably forget around it 5 minutes after the happened. It’s quiet an insane move. The goaltend ~ above the finish completes it.

6. STEVE FRANCIS Embarrassing trojan HudsonPoor troy Hudson. He was yanked in every direction possible. But at the very least he didn’t fall. We’ll provide him that. It’s not too frequently someone can gain embarrassed on one island prefer this throughout an NBA game. The only method Hudson could’ve won his pride back was through a bucket. However no one remembers one way or another what taken place after Francis cooked and also served him.

5. MICHAEL JORDAN because that A title On Bryon RussellFirst the all, let’s gain one point straight. That’s no push off. His arm never extended. Therefore, it’s a “nudge.” The whole push off thing has been overblown all these years. You can’t not expand your arm and then still have sufficient power to send someone prefer Bryon Russell stumbling 5 feet. It’s no happening. It was the move — a stop-on-a-dime, pull-back crossover — that had actually Russell sliding and also slipping. Jordan really rarely lugged this relocate out. The truth that the did it on his critical Shot in his last game throughout his “real” career provides it a height 10 crossover ever.

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4. DERRICK ROSE damaging Andre MillerI’m surprised Miller can even move fast sufficient to acquire himself on his ass. This is the absolute many embarrassing kind of fall. Sometimes you can joke around it. Various other times you can shot to to speak you stepped on the guy’s foot or you were pushed. Not this time. Miller was on an island. Rose collection him up. Then, miller dropped. And yes, it ended in a bucket. I’m count goaltends.

3. JASON WILLIAMS showing Out versus Gary PaytonYou recognize who’s writing this right? The biggest J-Will fan in the game. You had to recognize this relocate would uncover it’s method into the top three. ~ this move, it’s how amazing the glove didn’t jump on the bandwagon together well. You know exactly how you’re always practicing the hesitation moves, hoping one day you’ll actually record someone badly v it but it never ever seems to occupational out? Williams had actually Payton standing straight up, therefore off-balance that Payton couldn’t carry out anything yet stick his leg out. This could be the just time in NBA background where a defender was captured so bad that he just had to sit there and say “Damn.”

2. ALLEN IVERSON puts Antonio Daniels under TwiceAntonio to be dropped twice. Twice. The only thing you have the right to do after the is get up shell-shocked, throw your hands out, and search for a ref come complain to (exactly what Daniels did). Iverson threw Daniels overboard at sea and also left him there hoping for someone to litter him a raft. No raft is coming, man. You’ll have to live v this one for the rest of her life. (Daniels likewise might very own the NBA document for “Most time dropped through a crossover in NBA history.” Seriously. Look the up.)

1. ALLEN IVERSON tells Michael Jordan To clock The ThroneThe peak two plays from Iverson? I had actually to perform it. MJ didn’t obtain shook as negative as some of the other cats on this list. He in reality recovered and also contested the shot. But still, once you think of “crossover” this is the first clip that concerns mind. Iverson embodied the cross, and this was his signature’s best hour. Everything came perfectly into place to do this legendary: MJ guarding that on an island in ~ the optimal of the key, Jordan going because that the initial move and also of course, the bucket to peak it off. The just thing ns dislike about this is Alley i saying he had always promised anyone that as soon as he got to this stage, he would shot his move, because… it’s no his move. In the words of blind and loyal Michael Jordan pan (who seem come think it’s illegal to copy a relocate from who else): he stole it from Georgetown walk-on Dean Berry.