Whoa. Simply months after being accused the cheating top top his wife, actor Columbus brief has announced he is involved to girl friend Aida Abramyan — and she’s pregnant!

Well, he relocated on quickly! Columbus Short, 33, has some very exciting news after ~ a rocky begin to his 2016 year. The is now engaged to it is in married to girlfriend Aida Abramyan, that is expecting the couple’s first child together, confirms ET Online.While this is very happy news for the troubled actor, it will be his fourth marriage — and also comes just a few short month after his 3rd wife, Karrine Steffans, accused that of cheating top top her. Awkwardly, Columbus later declared he had never even married the writer ~ she was granted a short-lived restraining over against him.

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PICS: Columbus & Ex-Wife Karrine Steffans

Columbus has one more child, a son, through his an initial wife, Brandi, despite they divorced in 2003. He likewise has a daughter, Ayala, v his 2nd wife, Tanee McCall, whom he divorced from in 2014. Columbus vehemently denied cheating on his 3rd wife, Karrine, in spite of her exceptionally public accusations. In march 2016 that was even photographed surrounding by his belongings, i beg your pardon Karrine had allegedly thrown the end of their home.

Before all of his marital relationship drama, Columbus was ideal known for his function on Scandal. Unfortunately, he to be fired from the show after that allegedly attacked his second wife, Tanee, in 2014. The shocking claims were followedby even an ext disturbing details, consisting of that Columbus had allegedly endangered to kill his climate wife. Not lengthy after these damning accusations to be made, Columbus confessed to experiencing from problem abuse. At the moment he claimed that he to be “struggling” v drug use, and that he had actually “a lot” top top his plate.

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