Few happy guys could someday tell their kids they had actually a romantic relationship with Look who’s Talking actress Kirstie Alley. Also though Kirstie was just married double in her life, the Jenny Craig spokeswoman has discovered love with number of handsome males in Hollywood.

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She first tied the node in 1970 come Bob Alley, but they finished up getting divorced seven years later. Kirstie didn’t accomplish her 2nd husband, actor Parker Stevenson, until 1981 when they ran right into each various other at one L.A. Restaurant. The duo later gained married in 1983 and welcomed children Lillie and also William together. However, their love didn’t last long and Kirstie and also Parker got divorced in 1997.


“There to be no infidelity in mine marriage, ~ above either next … There was nothing other than maybe different goals in life,” the Drop Dead Gorgeous star called Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview, and Parker can not agree more. “Kirstie and I are specific opposites,” he as soon as told People. “That’s what made it so interesting, provides for no a great marriage.”

Parker remembers their divorce together an “ugly process” the took your friendship away. “Kirstie and I space not girlfriend now,” he said, “but we speak regularly about the kids. Will certainly we it is in friends someday? ns don’t know.” although he and Kirstie don’t talk favor they supplied to, the parents of two space “both nuts” about their children.


“He’s the only man I understand who reads his youngsters stories top top morality,” Lewis Smith, Parker’s longtime friend stated to People. “He has this publication called Sticky Situations that asks, ‘How would you manage this?’”

As Kirstie continues to look because that love elsewhere, she jokes about her love life as a solitary mom that two. “I’m possibly doing this backwards. I either need to uncover a husband or a really handsome roommate therefore that ns am no afraid the end on the farm,” the brunette beauty tweeted in July 2020. “But climate again, that could be a tomb error and I can end up on Dateline or 20/20. Life acquired so complicated.”

Don’t worry, Kirstie. Her soulmate is still out there.

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Bob Alley

There room no windy photos the Bob. Kristie and also her first husband to be married indigenous 1970 to 1977 and they have actually no kids together. The pair separation after Kirstie establish she to be no longer in love with him.


Parker Stevenson

The Village of the Damned star was wed come Parker native 1983 come 1997. After your divorce, Kirstie never ever remarried. Castle share their two kids.


Patrick Swayze

When Kirstie was married come Parker, she admits she had actually an extreme attraction to she North and South costar Patrick Swayze. Even though the actor to be married come his wife, Lisa Niemi, the two lovebirds couldn’t deny how they felt because that each other.

“Both of united state were married,” Kirstie recalled to Entertainment Tonight in 2012. “We did not have an affair. Yet again, ns think what i did to be worse. Because I think as soon as you fall in love with someone as soon as you’re married, girlfriend jeopardize your own marriage and also their marriage. It’s double bad.”


James Wilder

After her marriage to Parker ended, Kirstie started dating she much-younger Nevada costar James Wilder in 1997. Quickly after obtaining together, the pair gained engaged. But sadly they finished their partnership within the very same year.

“I just did some actual soul searching. And I didn’t prefer myself. Ns didn’t choose what I’d become. I’d sort of end up being something ns wasn’t,” the actress previously recalled on Dateline. “I didn’t prefer the way I was in relationships. I didn’t prefer who ns was choosing. I was make a the majority of mistakes. So what I chose was to really prioritize my life into what was vital to me and what I wanted to be recognized for by myself.”

John Travolta

Kirstie and also her longtime girlfriend John Travolta have a good relationship. “I almost ran off and also married John. Ns did love him, ns still love him. If ns hadn’t been married ns would’ve gone and also married him and I would’ve remained in an plane because he has actually his own plane,” the A-lister previously gushed on Celebrity huge Brother UK.

She likewise told Howard Stern in 2013 that the Grease star to be “the best love” of she life. “It took me year to not look at john as a romantic interest,” she said.

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