Grab every the details you need to know about the girlfriend and relationship details the Canadian-American singer and also songwriter Paul Anka.

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The Fox to sing competition television collection "The masking Singer" unveiled the famed singerPaul Ankaas the Broccoli, who became the latest celebrity to it is in revealed on the fight show. The revelation came in the distinct Thanksgiving episode, in which he alsogot knocked out of the group C the the competition.

Paul Anka really delighted in his time on "The masking Singer," as it helped him freshen his mind during this challenging period. "I was really locked in a studio and with COVID-19, no socializing or gaining out, obviously," he toldVariety. "Once ns talked to mine son and also my girlfriend and then some human being in mine staff, i said, yeah, I obtained to acquire out of here, and I think it"d it is in a lot of fun." Paul"s girlfriend has been an important person in his life and likewise a subject of interest for many of his fans.

Who is Paul Anka"s Girlfriend?

Paul Anka is bound toLisa Pemberton, who he married in 2016. Lisa and Paul wed in October 2016 at the four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. The wedding was the singer"s 3rd one, and also it came after dating Lisa for 6 years. The wedding ceremony of the couple was attend by producerBrian Grazerand billionaire financierWarren Buffet. Other guests includedCarlos Slim,Ghada Irani,Bob, andTamar Manoukian, andKatyaandMeir Teper.

Paul Anka is right now married toLisa Pemberton.Source: day-to-day Mail

"She"s a good lady and a big animal lover like me," Paul Ankasays around his partner Lisa. ~ above Instagram, too, heshared photosof among the the happiest days of her life, with a inscription on one of the photos: "Yesterday ns married an remarkable woman...the love of mine life!!." The two at this time lead a happy married life.

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At the moment of the wedding, Paul Anka"s climate 11-year-old sonEthanescorted the singer"s bride-to-beas she walked under an aisle covered by white rose pedals to fulfill Anka in ~ the altar. In addition to Ethan, Anka additionally has 5 daughters namedAmelia,Anthea,Alicia,Amanda, andAlexandra.

Paul Anka was Married two Times Before

Paul Anka was an initial married toAnne de Zogheb, top top February 16, 1963. Lock wed in a ceremony at Paris-Orly Airport. Anne was the daughter that a Lebanese diplomat,Charles de Zogheb. The pair met for the an initial time in 1962, in san Juan, Puerto Rico, where she was a fashion model on assignment and under contract to the Eileen Ford Agency. Brought up in Egypt,Anka is of Lebanese, English, French, Dutch, and also Greek descent.


Paul Anka was an initial married toAnne de Zogheb, ~ above February 16, 1963.Source: YouTube

Anne worked as a version for many of her professional career however after the birth of her 2nd child. Anne and Paul Anka share 5 daughters:Amelia,Anthea,Alicia,Amanda(who is married to actorJason Bateman), andAlexandra. The couple split in 2001.

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In 2008, Paul Ankamarried his personal trainer,Anna Åberg, in Sardinia. During their marriage, they invited their child, sonEthan. The marriage did not last long, and also they divorce in 2010, through Paul taking complete custody of their son.

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