While various other beverage brands occasionally take a sleek, sexy, or star-studded method to appealing to consumers, Dr. Pepper has actually leaned into a an ext off-beat take it on advertising. The soda company"s Lil" Sweet advertising are part homage to Prince, part hilarious send-up of over-the-top TV jingles, and nearly always hilarious.

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Over the past few years, the Lil" Sweet character has showed increase in numerous Dr. Pepper ads, singing and "woo!"-ing his means through a variety of stunner situations. In the many recent commercial, we watch Lil" Sweet to sing a "delicious duet" around Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda v the Doctor, who has a handlebar mustache, luscious blonde locks, and a unique take top top Night Ranger"s "Sister Christian."

The spoof itself is as funny as anything else Dr. Pepper and Lil" Sweet have served up, and the ad has recorded people"s attention for good reason: It"s leaving viewers scratching your heads, wondering where the heck they"ve viewed the gibbs before. The males behind both Lil" Sweet and also the physician will most likely be acquainted for a few reasons. Let"s take it a watch at whereby you"ve viewed them before.

Will Green, the physician from the Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda ad, has been a fixture on our TVs for a while

The Doctor may be make his Dr. Pepper debut in the very delicious Duet ad, however the actor that plays him, will Green, is much from a newbie. He"s spent the last te gracing our displays in 2 dozen commercials, consisting of spots for AT&T, Hulu, and also Call the Duty.

Green has additionally appeared in number of TV collection over the last few years. Arguably his most prominent function to day is Jeremy, the activist boyfriend of Sue (Eden Rebecca Sher) ~ above ABC"s The Middle. He showed up in 7 episodes of the series between 2016 and also 2017. Additionally, eco-friendly made guest appearances ~ above Criminal Minds, NCIS, and The Mentalist, among other series. 

It continues to be to be viewed whether eco-friendly will reprise his function as the doctor in any kind of future Dr. Pepper ads, however it"s safe to say us wouldn"t psychic hearing an encore indigenous him and his same recognizable duet partner.

In 2003, American Idol crowned Kelly Clarkson its very an initial winner. Stand by her side was runner-up Justin Guarini — a.k.a. Dr. Pepper"s Lil" Sweet. While that didn"t walk on come his own chart-topping career, the singer and actor has constructed an outstanding career for self nonetheless.

Okay, yeah, there was From Justin to Kelly, a movie the pretty much everyone affiliated would favor to forget. Yet the film"s poor performance wasn"t sufficient to deter Guarini indigenous forging his very own post-American Idol path. He"s harnessed his music talents for more than just reality TV and Dr. Pepper, showing up on Broadway in musicals like environment-friendly Day"s American Idiot. He also played Paris in a Broadway run of Romeo and also Juliet, which to be filmed and released in theater in 2014.

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While it"s hard to speak for sure what"s next for Guarini and also his viral transform ego Lil" Sweet, offered his popularity, we have the right to guess he"ll be making much more music because that Dr. Pepper in the future.