Doyle Devereux (born April 13, 1966) is one American Actor, Producer, and also Writer indigenous Hinsdale, Illinois. That is finest known because that his occupational in judge Mathis i m sorry aired from 2004 come 2013. The gibbs played one of the recurring roles of Bailiff.

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Judge Mathis is a long-running reality show which first filmed in 1998. The principle of the series was based upon Court Show. It additionally depicted the story around the retired judge of Minchin’s 36th ar Court and Greg Mathis (Black-Culture motivational speaker)

The display was presented by judge Greg Mathis. The manufacturing took place at WMAQ-TV-NBC Chicago, Illinois. The first season was released ~ above 13 September 1999. They have completed 4 periods in 2003.

Profile, parents & Sibling


As of 2020, his period is 54 years old together Doyle Devereux was born come his parental in 1966 in Chicago, Illinois, the United says of America. The artist celebrate his date of birth on the 13th of April. His Nationality is American

The actor is indigenous the United claims of America wherein he lived v his family in Chicago, Illinois, the USA for many years. His father’s surname is Clarke Devereux that was very supportive the him. Doyle taken into consideration his dad as his inspiration.

In addition, he to be raised together with his sisters Monica Devereux, who is one American actress and also choreographer. She is well well-known for she character in the movie Adventures in Babysitting. We will update our audience in the future about his mother.

Early Life, Schooling & Education

Devereux resides in America because his birth. Hence, he perfect his schooling indigenous a local High school in Illinois. Moreover, Doyle Devereux i graduated from one of the exclusive Universities in the USA. The is also known together Doyle ns Devereux and M Devereux.


The actor has a habit of writing from his childhood. In fact, he offered to write a small story, his daily thoughts, and so on when he was younger. While farming up, Doyle loves to watch activity movies and constantly wanted come be part of together things.

In his early on life, that struggled a lot because that his career because he had actually no permanent house for himself. The artist also lived together a paying guest in a two-bedroom apartment in ~ $1,870 per month with 5 other people in the exact same apartment.

Career, assorted Shows and also Net Worth

The 56-years-old actor began his job at a an extremely young age. He was really passionate around acting because his school days. Doyle was very much into action and fighting scenes. He likewise took component in tiny plays and also gave auditions for miscellaneous Movies and TV Show.

Furthermore, Devereux started working after making his debut in 1991 through a movie dubbed “Only the Lonely”. The name of his character to be Tuxedo Salesman. In 2010, his various other movie come out called “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”.

As per the source, he came to be a megastar after ~ this project was exit in theatres. His duty in the film to be a Museum Employee. World started discovering him indigenous there.

Devereux received so lot fame and love for the audience. Later, the producer obtained the opportunity again in 2014 to work in a present “Doug’s Christmas”. He played the function of dad Galt.


Moreover, he also made his debut as the writer and producer. Paul Sparagano and Myrna Bushman functioned as director of the show. In referee Mathis, there was 2 Bailiff (an officer that executes), one was Brendan Anthony Moran and the other was Doyle Devereux.

Moran died on 19 December 2002 ~ he dropped from his balcony 24th floor in Chicago condo. Since then, judge Mathis had actually only one Bailiff come act. Doyle frequently acted as comic relief for the show.

There were 15 seasons of referee Mathis and they have actually completed 2000 episodes. The viewers were impressed by the show.

Devereux and Mathis even remained an excellent friends and also they supplied to furious each various other on the sets. Doyle’s annual salary is in between $100,000 USD – $149,999 USD. Other properties that press the Doyle Devereux’s network Worth over greater than $500,000 us Dollars (as in 2020) are not mentioned by him.

Quick Trivia

Real NameDoyle Devereux.
Stage NameDoyle
ProfessionActor, Writer, and also Producer.
Famously well-known asfor play Bailiff in judge Mathis in (2004-2013), in (2004-2013).
Various Projects1. Referee Mathis.2. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.3. Doug’s Christmas.4. Lost Island (short film).5. Base.6. Phone call Me Your tricks (upcoming).
Social Media ProfilesInstagram: --Twitter: --Facebook: ---
Current ResidenceHinsdale, Illinois, The United states of America.
BirthdayApril 13, 1966.
Age (as the 2020)54 years old.
Zodiac SignLeo.
Place that BirthChicago, Illinois, the United says of America.

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Some Lesser well-known Facts around Doyle Devereux


His ethnicity is Caucasian.Doyle follows a Christian religion by birth.The actor is likewise related to chris Columbus that is Director together he is his brother-in-law.Furthermore, his sibling’s surname is Monica Devereux that is likewise close to him.Other family members members room Mary Denereux, Patricia Denereux, Aimee Devereux, and also Elizabeth Devereux.His dad Clarke Devereux sustained him so that he could pursue his dreams in the exhilaration world.Doyle was not just an actor, however he is likewise a writer and also producer too.In fact, the artist has likewise written the story of Doug’s Christmas i m sorry he additionally produced.He struggled a lot of in his life to accomplish growth and also success.Doyle maintains a personal life and has not updated self on society media sites.The actor offered to exhilaration weed.Relationship Status: that is a happy married man and lives with his wife & children in Hinsdale, Illinois in a lavish home. Yet we have actually no details around them together of may 2020.Doyle Devereux is tall and also slim v a handsome personality. His height is 5 ft 10 in and his weight is 73 kilograms.His skin tone is fair, in ~ this age he looks the same as he remained in his younger age. Numerous other personalities dropped jealous the this fact.