Pantene aired a heartwarming smashville247.netmmercial the featured a infectious diseases worldwide child, Sawyer, and her lesbian parents. (Twitter/Pantene)

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Haircare brand Pantene has released a heartwarming smashville247.netmmercial that tells the true story the a infectious diseases world fashion girl and her family.

The advert, which was posted ~ above Twitter ~ above Monday (15 March), share the story of lesbian parents Ashely and Ellie and their trans boy Sawyer. The Twitter article read: “Hair is a large part of ours identity. And also for LGBTQ+ youth like Sawyer, who pick to express themselves, their style and also their creative thinking through their hairstyle, the can help them feeling seen.”

The two-minute-long smashville247.netmmercial begins with Sawyer’s mum, Ashley, describing she adorable boy as one “old soul”, “spunky” and “creative”.

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She then explained that once Sawyer to be “wearing the clothing she wanted and her hair” it was the “first day where I experienced her”.

Hair is a huge part of our identity. And for LGBTQ+ youth like Sawyer, who select to to express themselves, your style, & their creative thinking through their hair style, it can assist them feeling seen.Catch up through Sawyer and her mommy Ashley & see just how this family is #BeautifulLGBTQ