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Why is Fiona Gallagher... Fiona Gallagher? What might explain the she ended up being this human that saved her brother from finish chaos? Nothing, as far as we know. And also that is why Fiona Gallagher is, in herself, a small miracle.

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Who Is Fiona Gallagher?

Shameless (US) is, because that those that wouldn't know, around a family—the Gallaghers—living on the Southside the Chicago and of which us follow the daily adventures and also other crashes in a context of poverty and also criminality. Two parents - one of whom has actually left, the other being one abusing, alcoholic, drug addict profiteer - and also six children compose this (not so) beloved American family. And also today, I emphasis on the earliest sibling, Fiona Gallagher who, as ideal described by her father in the very first seconds of the pilot, is the absent of the family.

But who is she? she fandom wiki describes her together "a true south Side girl: she's scrappy, resourceful, and also not afraid to gain into a fight." Basically, she's definitely not a Saint - and far from me is the idea to safeguard that vision that her. She has really poor self-esteem, falls easily into attention situations, has actually a fear of abandonment and also some alcohol issues; but she additionally cares for the world that are close to her, has morals and also principles the she commits to, fights because that what she to trust is right, will perform anything for her family and also friends, and is willing to give everything she has actually if it method her family members can live better—even if it method sacrificing herself.

What i would prefer to present in this write-up is just how her story, she context and her personality do her what I call a small miracle. Currently I would favor to clarify the by "miracle" I execute not recognize any religious concept—even despite the ax in chin is one. By "miracle" I recognize a phenomenon the is unexplainable by any kind of logical and also rational reasons. In religion, an irrational phenomenon is explained by magnificent intervention, however as an agnostic, i am skittish around this notion. I much prefer the idea the there are things the we simply can't explain, the still happen, and also it is because they are unexplainable by any kind of reason the they room so fascinating.

And Fiona Gallagher is among the many fascinating and also inspiring personalities on TV.

The mommy of her siblings

I to be nine! Nine, and also taking care of you. Taking treatment of every one of us. I was in 4th grade, dragging your ass passed the end in front of the yard so you wouldn't frozen to death. Continuing to be up every night with Ian as soon as he had chicken pox; ns washed Carl's shitty diapers; i picked lice the end of Liam's hair; and I was here when Debbie gained her an initial period; not Monica; me.

— Fiona Gallagher to she father open minded Gallagher, Shameless (US) season 7 episode 12

The mother of she Siblings

Fiona Gallagher is 21 when we satisfy her in season 1, and also is in essence a mother to her 5 younger siblings, a role that she has actually endorsed due to the fact that she to be at the very least 9, although she has taken care of her two brothers Lip and also Ian because before that—she defines in season 3 episode 7 the she took care of them as soon as she was as young as 6. She offered them a motherly love, took treatment of each one of them, implemented healthy rules because that them come follow—brush your teeth, walk to sleep at a decent hour, do your homework—and teach them the prestige to commit and take obligation for what they do. She provided them a feeling of familial structure, listed them parental love and also care, and portrayed the values and also principles the they would then additionally acquire and follow.

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Now if we look at any type of of the Gallagher siblings, castle all have actually the virtues, principles and qualities the Fiona has: lock fight for justice and also respect, they take obligation for what castle do, they love unconditionally and fight for those castle love. Granted, they're not perfect either, and they're still very much unstable, all of them: Lip becomes an alcoholic also though that tries through all he has actually not come be prefer his father; Ian has a history of gaining into abusive relationship (yes, even Gallavich, even though ns love them with all my heart); Debbie rapes a guy she's attracted to and then believes gift a teen mommy is a an excellent thing; Carl has serious problems with violence and also harassment; and also Liam doesn't think he belongs anywhere and wanders about trying to find mentors. Fiona can't replace all of the parental love and also care they all need; it's simply impossible, and also she has actually her own problems to transaction with. But it is clear the the Gallaghers would certainly be ten times much more unstable and unhealthy if Fiona hadn't been here.