Who would have actually thought that tall people make for great tennis players? It’s no coincidence the a great number that the world’s top-ranked professional tennis players are at the very least 6’2″ tall.

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Are you curious to recognize who are the tallest tennis players to ever before play top top the field? I’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll take it a look in ~ the height 20 tallest male and female tennis football player ever.

Read much more about every of the optimal tennis player’s heights and their incredible accomplishments below.

1. Ivo Karlović – 6’11” / 211 cm

Ivo Karlovic is the tallest tennis player in history with a height of 6’11”, and also he shares this jointly through Reilly Opelka.

Naturally, Ivo encounters quite some challenge in moving fast, i beg your pardon is why he constantly tries to offer at a blinding speed. This player holds the record of offer at a rate of 251km/h, which is the fourth fastest tennis offer to date.

If there’s a player who can utilize his height properly, then Ivo is the one. This player controlled to win about eight ATP titles, and also that too in a short span of ten years only. Back in the Wimbledon that 2015, he regulated to score at the very least 40 aces in 3 consecutive matches.

2. Reilly Opelka – 6’11” / 211 cm

Reily Opelka is a 6’11” tennis player that hails from Florida. This youngster is proceeding with giant leaps.

Reily had actually won against John Isner with a score of 3-1. To those of you that don’t know, john Isner stop the record of offer at a rate of 253km/h, i beg your pardon is also the fastest business in the history of tennis, at the very least officially.

What assisted Opelka win versus John Isner to be his consistency. Even though he can’t break the limits like Opelka, that sure can serve around 140mph consistently. This promise youngster also won two titles.

3. Man Isner – 6’10” / 208 cm

John Isner Height

John Isner is a 6’10” giant who originates from Dallas, Texas. This player holds the document of offer at a blinding speed of 253km/h.

The best component about man Isner is the he can regulate the rate of the service very well. Every time friend tune into a cool Slam tournament, you’ll see him battle the court with this quick service.

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Officially, john Isner stop the document of the faster serves. However, there space two unofficialize records faster than this.

4. Jerzy Janowicz – 6’8″ / 203 cm

Jerzy Janowicz is a 6’8” polishing player that holds the record of one of the fastest serves in history. This beast beginning the video game off with a serve through a speed between 140 to 130 mph. In general, his serves selection from 115 come 130 mph.

Even though Jerzy can not win any kind of title, this player was ranked together the optimal 14th in the world back in 2013.

5. Cock Norman – 6’8″ / 203 cm

Dick Norman is a left-handed tennis player through a height of 6’8”. This Belgian player to be a doubles specialist, and also he regulated to rank top 10 in the world when he to be 39.

He is one of the couple of who might reach the 4th round that a cool Slam as a lucky loser, and this has collection a record rivaled by only a few.

6. Kevin Anderson – 6’8″ / 203 centimeter

Kevin Anderson is a 6’8” tennis player native Johannesburg. Ago in 2017, this player regulated to reach the finals the the grand Slam, making the the tallest player to carry out so, and also he had actually finished as the runner-up.

His performance in the Wimbledon Championships the 2015 got him the ranking the number 5 in the world, i m sorry is also the highest-ranking of his career. He has six title in his name.

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7. Marc Rosset – 6’7″ / 201 cm

Being among the faster servers that the 90s’, Marc Rosset was a good tennis player in both singles and also doubles. He’s also one the the tallest tennis players in history, standing at 6’7”.

Rosset to be the highest-ranked Swiss player, and also he managed to host his position until i get it Federer come around.

Rosset has crowned this ranking ~ his exceptional performance in the Barcelona Olympics, which was held earlier in 1992. He had actually won the gold medal in this competition beating the concurrent human being champions.

In singles, his highest rank to be no. 9, and in doubles, it to be no. 8.

8. Chris Guccione – 6’7″ / 201 centimeter

This Australian stands at 6’7”, make him among the tallest tennis players. That is much more of a doubles player, and also this player has five ATP tours to his name.

Chris has additionally managed to rank as high as no. 38 in the world.

9. Marin Cilic – 6’6″ / 198 cm

Marin Cilic, standing in ~ 6’6”, is understood as among the most successful players from Croatia. Cilic had won the united state Open back in 2014 when he had actually knocked Rodger Federer out.

Back in 2018, he had won the Davis Cup and had accomplished the rank of no. 3 in the world.

10. Sam Querrey – 6’6″ / 198 cm

Sam Querrey is the 3rd American on this list, and this tennis star stands at 6’6”. He not only boasts among the ideal serves, however he likewise holds the document of having the most consecutive aces, wherein he stop a document of 10.

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Querrey is an remarkable sportsman, and he has 10 titles to his name. Earlier in 2018, this tennis player reached the job ranking that no. 11, i m sorry was additionally his greatest achievement.

11. Juan martin Del Potro – 6’6″ / 198 cm

Juan martin Del Potro is an Argentine tennis player that stands in ~ 6’6”. This player started obtaining recognition indigenous the worldwide tennis society from his post-teenage.

He not just serves fast and accurately, however he also has a certain forehand. His forehand is taken into consideration to be among the best in the circuit.

12. Victor Hănescu – 6’6″ / 198 centimeter

Victor Hănescu is a Romanian tennis player that stands in ~ 6’6”. That had controlled to earn the greatest rank the number 26 in July 2009.

However, as result of several injuries, his rank had fallen together low as 759. When recovered, he started coming back, yet couldn’t reach as high together before.

13. Tomáš Berdych – 6’5″ / 195 cm

Hailing from the Czech Republic, this tennis player boasts a height of 6’5”. Tomáš rotate pro just in 2002. Back in 2010, this promise tennis player controlled to come to be one that the finalists of Wimbledon.

14. Ryan Sweeting – 6’5″ / 195 centimeter

Ryan Sweeting is a tennis player indigenous Nassau, and also he stands in ~ 6’5”. The only ATP title that he regulated to win was in ~ the us Men’s Clay Court Championships. They regulated to victory it by beating Kei Nishikori the Japan.

15. Florian Mayer – 6’3″ / 191 cm

Florian Mayer is a retired German tennis player. Standing at 6’3”, this player regulated to with the greatest ranking of no. 18 back in 2011. In the same year, he controlled to victory his very first ATP title.

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Florian likewise defeated Rafael Nadal in the round of 16. This led the to win the 2011 Shanghai Rolex Masters.