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From The tragedy the Macbeth follow to the very first folio. Ed. Allan Park Paton.The question below starts up: to be Macbeth himself the 3rd murderer in ~ Banquo"s death?We execute not remember having seen this argued by any Shakesperean commentator. Yet we think there are grounds for believing that it was component of Shakespeare"s design -- the he purposely left it untold in words, and, together it were, a an enig to be uncovered out; and, to any type of one accepting such a view, the tragedy will be found, us believe, deepened in effect. The complying with are the situations on which we remainder the opinion:1. Return the banquet to be to commence in ~ seven, Macbeth (as he had foretold his queen and courtiers) did not go over there till close to midnight. 2. He had no much more than gone into the room the state as soon as the very first murderer involved tell that of the deed, supposedly freshly committed. 3. Lacking and alone 4 or 5 hours, how had actually Macbeth been employed? through such a tragic matter at issue, he could not have actually been relaxing or engaged in any type of other business. That must have been bring away up v the intended killing some method or other; and, because that ourselves, we cannot conceive of his going to the banquet with the barest possibility of his plot miscarrying, and of Banquo"s showing up in the midst of the gaiety, through the stare of the inexplicable and alarming attempt. But if that waited away till his mind would certainly be relieved by a expertise of the assassination, this might not have actually been, uneven he to be personally involved in it, since it to be after the went that he to be told. He had actually indeed in reality commenced, in a hearty and also confident manner, his duties as host when the stained messenger entered. 4. The two murderers work (opposite varieties of evil instruments -- the one world-sick, and the other world-hating) Macbeth had been, together we know, at good pains to influence for his purpose; and also if there had actually been a 3rd man in whose hand he could have put himself, and also to who he could have committed the superintendence of the others, we definitely should have heard of the man. That would have been Macbeth"s cook confidant, and also as such would certainly in every probability have been very first to reach the banquet room, delivering the longed-for tidings. 5. The first murderer called Macbeth the he "cut Banquo"s throat," the was his work; however there to be twenty wounds in the victim"s head -- "twenty mortal murthers." A needless and devilish sort of mutilation, not prefer the occupational of hirelings. 6. When the 3rd murderer all of sudden joined the others (be the observed, just prior to the attack, as if the separately had been listening for the returning travellers), he recurring the orders they had actually got, so precisely as at once to eliminate their doubt. He to be the first to hear the sound that horse. He verified unusual intimacy with the locality, and also the actions of the visitors, &c. It to be he who established Banquo. More than likely to execute away through the opportunity of his gift recognised, he seems to have struck down the light (although he asked around it); and it was he who, looking the ground, found Fleance escaped. 7. Just as Banquo was struck down, the very first Murderer, in his excitement, says: "Well, let"s away, and say just how much is done."But we understand that the did no go in ~ once, because that at the feast he tells Macbeth, that "safe in a ditch the bides." part one must have actually reminded him that the body should be disposed of: it was not to lie about proclaiming murder; it was to be engulphed in a moorland rut. Macbeth"s words, after ~ the figure of Banquo"s ghost, are: "If Charnel houses, and also our graves must send Those the we ask back; our monuments shall it is in the maws that kites." This "burying" permitted Macbeth come be ago at the Castle, to acquire cleaned and also robed, and be current at the feast. ("There"s blood upon your face," would use to dried blood.) 8. There to be a levity in Macbeth"s way in his interview v the first murderer at the banquet, which has actually been generally remarked on through editors, &c., and which well can be if the personally knew that Banquo to be dead. (The passages, "Then comes my to the right again," &c., and also "There the grown Serpent lies," &c., should, doubtless, be spoken to himself). 9. When the spirit appears, Macbeth asks those about him "which that them had done it," evidently to take it their uncertainty off himself (for that knew); and also his native --"Thou canst not say i did it: never shake her gory locks at me," --sound really like "In yon black struggle you might never know me." We stated that, accepting together a view, we thought the tragedy deepened in effect. For instance, it reflects Macbeth"s terrible destruction in that he could personally, and together with hired murderers, assassinate his friend and fellow-soldier. The "twenty mortal murthers" exhibition the fear of criminal ambitious in that is utmost activity. In the king disguised, being but a tiny ago a murderer in the gloom, and now in his regal robes presiding end a banquet, we have actually a to mark contrast. And also the shock that sustains top top beholding Banquo"s phantom is surely intensified through his certainty of his having himself destroyed him, and left him dead beyond all question. Just how to point out this article:Shakespeare, William. The tragedy that Macbeth follow to the very first folio. Ed. Allan Park Paton. Edinburgh: Edmonston & company, 1877. Shakespeare Online. 20 Aug. 2013.

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