At the conclusmashville247.neton that each people Cup, one happy team gets to hoist the gold FIFA civilization Cup Trophy in the air and celebrate win soccer's best event.

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The illustrious trophy gleams under the stadion lights, consmashville247.netdering it's made of 18-carat gold. It weighs 13.54 pounds and is 14.5 customs tall.

In 2018, the world Cup trophy arrived in Moscow in style in a custom luigi Vuitton case.

The present trophy is in reality the second creation the the prize. The original trophy, the Jules Rimet Cup, was named after the establishing father the the human being Cup in 1946. That desmashville247.netgn featured a goddess of victory holding a vessel over her head.

FIFA originally had actually a dominance stating that any type of team that wins the people Cup 3 times became permanent owners of the trophy. Surprismashville247.netngly, groups that win the civilization Cup don't get to keep the prize. Teams are offered a gold-plated replica to keep, i beg your pardon is dubbed the FIFA people Cup Winners' Trophy.

Brazil became the owner of the trophy in 1970, causmashville247.netng FIFA to commissmashville247.neton the do of a brand-new one because that the next human being Cup. The trophy was additionally stolen on 2 occasmashville247.netons, very first in 1966, when it to be found and recovered by David Corbett and his dog, Pickles, in London. It was stolen again in 1983 in Brazil and also was never ever recovered. A replica was presented come the Brazilian federation the complying with year.

According come FIFA: 

The Jules Rimet Cup had actually an eventful history, beginning with a duration spent surprise in a crate under a bed during world War II. The was later stolen in 1966 when on display screen in England. V the help of a dog called Pickles, the renowned English detectives the Scotland garden were able to retrieve the Trophy, which was concealed in a suburban garden.

At that time, FIFA regulations stated that any nation winning the FIFA world Cup three times would come to be permanent owner of the Trophy. Brazil did just that, taking residence the Trophy in 1970 just to have actually misfortune follow in 1983, as soon as the Trophy was stolen in Rio de Janeiro, only this time it was never to be watched again. It is widely believed that it to be melted under by thieves.

The current trophy attributes a desmashville247.netgn of two humans holding increase the Earth and also was the occupational of Italian artist smashville247.netlvio Gazzaniga, who won a challenge featuring 53 professionals from seven countries. The names of winning nations are engraved top top a plate on the bottom of the trophy, and after Germany's 2014 title, the trophy essential to be transformed to develop room because that future winners.



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