While various other moments did do me fine up, the just time ns truly cried to be Dans death. Keith’s death hardly impacted me in ~ all however that afterlife scene through Keith simply was perfect. “Don’t worry tiny brother, you’re my plus one.” five lawd am ns bawling.

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I cry the many for Dan and Quentin’s deaths. Dan’s was so fine written. In season 6 when Carrie convinces Haley the Dan was in hospice, Deb said she’d imagined that Dan’s fatality would be more grand, and also she was right. From getting shot saving Nathan to his conversation through Nathan top top the flow court. I was a mess. He to be the perfect villain.

And there to be moments in Quentin’s fatality episode the really damaged my heart, like Andre placing on his jersey and standing v the rest of the team at the funeral and also Brooke’s breakdown at the end of the episode with Sam’s essay as the narration...I cried the whole time

I don’t think Dan and Nathan ever before actually had that conversation. Ns think it’s Dan’s fantasy that he got to have that moment, due to the fact that there’s no clear evidence Dan ever before left the hospital prior to dying.

i cried so countless times; ns cried when Ellie died since it influenced Peyton so much, i cried once Keith died i couldn’t believe it to be true like throughout the funeral i assumed it was some kind of dream, ns cried as soon as Karen & Keith "meet in heaven". I think the most I cried was as soon as Peyton make the death video for her baby, it to be so heartbreaking due to the fact that she to be so fear of leave her baby without her mother just like it happened to her. I also cried when Leyton left however that’s because they’re my favorites and I knew i’d miss them.

Dans fatality was type of a tear jerker however oh cursed Quintons death... Currently that was the genuine tear jerker. Ns think the was since he was eliminated in cold blood and also then on optimal of that as soon as Jaimie laid the cape on the casket oh male that... That was rough. And even though Q was sort of an arrogant price that still had actually his totality life ahead of him and also I to be kinda rooting for him to break Nathan's record. They should do a spin off of Jaime in high school.

The episode of his fatality is the most complicated episode because that me to watch. I was always pro Dan Scott, he to be so negative you couldn't no love him. The montage scenes with Nathan and him really damaged me as soon as it aired, and also it tho does to this day for me.

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