As the 1980s came toa close, part emerging new bands wanted to rock with maybe a little moresubstance than the hair bands that preceded them. Excessive was one of those emergingbands, with a super-shredder etc player that could additionally lay down the funkwith the best R&B players. Yet nobody would have expected them come come upwith among the great acoustic love ballads ever, “More than Words.”

“More 보다 Words” waswritten by excessive vocalist Gary Cherone and also legendary guitarist NunoBettencourt about a man’s must hear an ext than simply the native “I love you,” butto watch that love in action. Bettencourt said Joe Bosso of the MusicAficionado website about how the song involved life, and how it confirmed thenaysayers wrong once it climbed come the number one clues on the charts.

“I put it down on my small micro-cassette and also sang follow me to it, and also then I started singing the harmony part. Within an hour I had the totality song. I put it ~ above a four-track and also bounced it under really quickly, and then I went to Gary’s place. He was crashed out, so i slipped the cassette under his bedroom door and also said, ‘Check this out.’ the listened come it and also started functioning on lyrics. We wrapped it up ideal away.”

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Almost as if theywere crossing end from the ‘80s into one more era completely, Cherone andBettencourt regulated to avoid the production clichés of your predecessors.Namely, they (and producer Michael Wagener) didn’t develop a rock ballad withan acoustic opened verse, followed by the complete band crashing in because that the secondverse, and also then ripping into a blazing guitar solo after the chorus. Instead,they maintained it directly acoustic guitar and vocals.

“It’s such asimple song, really,” says Bettencourt. “It doesn’t have the standardverse-chorus-bridge arrangement. The doesn’t have actually that component in common balladswhere friend go, ‘OK, everybody obtain ready because that the large hook.’ It type of meanders.But that’s the beauty, beauty of the song, ns think. The flows along verynaturally.”

“With ‘More ThanWords,’ ns was sit on a porch top top a summer day – i think it might have beenclose to sunset – and I was play the guitar. Some songs you come up withchords an initial and rather you come up through the melodies; this was among thoserare moments wherein I simply played it as it came. I even started singing themelody. I stated to myself, ‘Jesus, what am ns doing here?’ and the percussivething ns did top top the guitar, which I’d never ever really done before, that came rightaway, too. The totality thing was simply there … ns didn’t sit there and also go, ‘Now I’mgonna walk from G come C come A minor.’ ns didn’t do any kind of of that. It just happened.”

“We to be told bymanagement and also the brand that it wasn’t a hit. However you need to remember, thiswas pre- ‘MTV Unplugged.’ There was no residence for a song favor this. At the time,rock bands to be doing strength ballads – vast cannon drums and massive choruses.Two males singing harmonies with an acoustic, it was like, what is that? Is itAdult Contemporary?’ The critical time friend heard that was in the ’70s through JamesTaylor.”

“I dealt with for it. Ithreatened to prevent touring and also quit the tape if lock wouldn’t release it. Ns wassuch a pain in the ass about it the management and the label lastly agreed totest the track in a market. They told me, ‘We don’t think it’s gonna doanything,’ but they paid a station in Phoenix come spin it 3 times ~ above aMonday. The following day, mine manager called and said, ‘Don’t acquire too excited, butit come in top nine in Phoenix.’ The following day it climbed higher, and also by the endof the week it was virtually number one. And also they still refuse to release it.They tested it in another market and the very same thing happened. It to be a realfight to gain the song out there.”

The version mosteveryone is acquainted with is the radio edit, i m sorry clocked in in ~ 4:09. However onthe album version from Extreme II: Pornograffiti, the albumversion came in at about 5:33, with second vocal part and a full minutefor Bettencourt to show some etc wizardry. That soloing at the endunintentionally listed a good edit point to shorten the song, i m sorry didn’tmake the happy at the time. “Forget acquisition the guitar out – castle took out thelast hook! room you kidding me? the really pissed me off. In hindsight, i getit; it’s a long song. However it was upsetting come me in ~ the time.”

As is often the case, the tape has broken up and also re-assembled an ext than once, and is right now together, named as an opening act because that Aerosmith’s now-postponed 50th anniversary display at Fenway Park in Boston. In between, Bettencourt has actually gone on come play because that Rihanna, amongst others, and also Cherone front Van Halen for one album ~ Sammy Hagar left.