Why Patrick Swayze declined Road home 2 (& exactly how It killed His Character) 2006 experienced a direct-to-video sequel to roadway House. Yet Patrick Swayze decreased to be in it, and also the film eventually killed off his character, Dalton.

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Patrick swayze Road house 2
1989"s Road House to be a stop hit, yet Patrick Swayze declined to it is in in the sequel, for this reason it killed off his character, Dalton. The original movie captured the type of beat-"em-up, booze-soaked, macho male vibe that was fairly potent in the "80s. Swayze"s portrayal the Dalton in Road House, a quietly intense cooler (a term for a head bouncer) recognized for his capacity to clean increase the sleaziest and most rough-and-tumble bars, is iconic; yet, the character is missing from the sequel, Road home 2.

Dalton, who — funnily enough — has a philosophy level in the area of, together he put it, "man"s find for faith," is search to find his very own purpose. He has a checkered past, one wherein he killed a man in Memphis, though it was in self-defense. Beneath Dalton"s cool, in-control exterior the he projects, there"s a good deal that push and pull going on in ~ him transparent the food of Road House. He"s a layered guy, practicing martial arts in between shifts tossing out rowdy bar patrons. It"s component of what engrosses the audience and has aided garner massive quantities of fans.

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The story in Road House was continued with a direct-to-video sequel in 2006. Road home 2: critical Call follows DEA agent Shane Tanner (who"s Dalton"s son, played by Johnathon Schaech). He reflects up in town to inspection after his Uncle Nate (Dalton"s brother, played by will certainly Patton) is roughed up by a group of rivals feather to take it his Louisiana bar. But Dalton self isn"t in reality in Road residence 2; viewers find out the his character had died prior to the film. Medicine kingpin Victor cross (Richard Norton), had actually sent the bar"s former, disgruntled cooler, Wild invoice (Jake Busey) to take Shane out, however he had ended up shoot Dalton in his ar in an unsatisfying, off-screen death.

on a 2020 illustration of the Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast through Adam Ferrari, the sequel"s screenwriter, mile Chapman, explained his impression of why Patrick Swayze turned under the role. Because that one thing, the sequel wasn"t theatrical. Also, according to Chapman, the film had actually a little budget native the beginning, and also "no activity movie should really it is in shot in 17 days, unless its, like, one location." he said about Swayze, "If ns was a little an ext savvy ago then, ns would"ve recognized that there to be no way he to be going to execute this point ." Chapman likewise said the he to be a large fan that the original Road House, and that he had actually planned to have actually Dalton in the follow-up. He had actually written the character together "doing one Obi-Wan Kenobi in the bouncer civilization kind the thing" and "teaching a younger personality to, kind of, take the mantle." eventually though, Dalton had to be reduced out.

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But it was Patrick Swayze"s portrayal that the calm-yet-effective cooler that made the an initial hit what that was. As well as his old pal walking Garrett (Sam Elliott) and also his love interest, Doc (Kelly Lynch), Dalton was the movie. And having him not only absent from the sequel, but likewise writing his character to have passed away off-screen didn"t sit well with fans or critics — and it"s straightforward to see why. It to be scenes like his "be nice, until it"s time to not be nice" bar speech, and also his capability to not actively seek out violence favor the various other hotheads in Road House (but not run from it either) the fans came to be enamored with.