Where room The Now? The cast Of 7th sky 7th heaven was a large success earlier in the day. Now, some of the actors have relocated on to large Hollywood fame, if others gave gone to lot dark places.

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7th Heaven to be a show that ran native 1996 to 2007. The display centred around the Camden family, a Christian family members of 9 living in Glenoak, California, and focused ~ above the life lessons and family drama the come with having actually a good news reverend for a father and also husband.

Although perhaps not the most likely storyline because that a stop series, 7th Heaven somehow regulated to captivate viewers across North America with its loveable characters and also feel good morals. It additionally helped that few of the characters were major smoke shows Jessica Biel played the bad girl mar Camden, when Barry Watson charmed the mind of teenagers with his portrayal of Matt Camden.

Although the show ended over 10 years ago now, we continue to be up to date on most of the show"s key runners. If some, such together Jessica Biel, have had actually successful careers post-7th Heaven, others, such together Andrew Keegan, have actually gone on to develop entirely brand-new religions (or cults, some can argue). On a much more somber note, Stephen Collins, who played Reverend Eric Camden, to be at the forefront of a psychic scandal ago in 2014. Desire the details?

Read on come learn much more about The actors Of 7th Heaven: Where are They Now? 

Matt Camden was the good-natured eldest Camden kid, counselling his fellow classmates and siblings, always ready to loan a help hand. His good-natured personality and fetching looks expected that in the early on 2000s, the actor who played Matt Camden, Barry Watson, to be on the sheathe of every the teenager magazines, and was undeniably very early 2000s love throb.

Nowadays, girlfriend can find Watson make appearances in a selection of smaller television shows and made because that TV movies. That faced personal struggles during the filming of later on seasons of 7th Heaven, being diagnosed Hodgkin"s Lymphoma, having actually a kid with irreversible partner and reality tv personality Tracy Hutson, and later separating from her.

However, he has actually since resolved down again. This time through the daughter the actress Natalie Wood, Natasha Gregson Wagner. The two had a baby with each other in 2012, and were married at some time after that.

14 Beverley Mitchell (Lucy Camden)

Beverley Mitchell climbed to prominence for her duty as Lucy Camden in 7th Heaven. She additionally had a recurring duty in The secret Life of an American teens from 2011-2013.

Lucy was one of the more popular characters in 7th Heaven, although Mitchell never met career success in ~ the exact same level together her friend and co-star Jessica Biel.

Since the end of 7th Heaven, Mitchell has kept a pretty low profile, return she remains friends with plenty of of her co-stars - specifically Mackenzie Rosman (Rosie Camden) and also Jessica Biel (Mary Camden). In fact, in 2008, Mitchell married her irreversible boyfriend Michael Cameron, and also Rosman and Biel served as bridesmaids at the wedding!

As the 2017, Mitchell additionally stars in a partly exaggerated television reality series called Hollywood Darlings, alongside various other child stars Jodie Sweetin (from Full House) and also Christine Lakin (from Step by Step).

Ruthie Camden to be every teenage girl;s idol. The character was smart, sassy, and beautiful, i m sorry is actually no so much off native the actor who illustrated Ruthie, Mackenzie Rosman.

Throughout she time play Ruthie Camden in 7th heaven and after, Rosman has focused mostly on she philanthropical work. Her stepsister, Katelyn Salmont, lived with and also fought Cystic Fibrosis until she died in 2008. Transparent this time and also since, Rosman has been at the forefront of Cystic Fibrosis awareness campaigns, and also an ambassador for Childhelp Inc., which help abused children.

In terms of acting, Rosman has showed up in a smattering of tv shows and movies, back she has actually not appeared in something really large since the finish of 7th Heaven. It sounds prefer Rosman has found more purpose in philanthropy.

12 David Gallagher (Simon Camden)

David Gallagher played among the middle children of the 7th Heaven clan. He to be always an extremely sweet, contempt mischievous, and went through a little bit of a poor phase as soon as he first went come college. All of this expected that Gallagher to be yet one more early 2000s love throb that concerned prominence with the hit tv series.

Of the whole 7th Heaven cast, in addition to Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel, Gallagher has had one the the more active exhilaration careers because the show ended. He has actually made number of one- or two-time appearances in shows prefer CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, CSI: Crime step Investigation, The Vampire Diaries, Smallville, and Bones.

Although not as prominent in Hollywood as he was ago in his 7th Heaven days, the sounds favor Gallagher has actually not fully let walk of acting.

Annie Camden was the mother that everyone that watched 7th heaven wished lock had. Regularly talking to she 7 children calmly over tea and also cookies, Annie would shot and instill morals in a gentle type of way, and also this often worked.

In real life, Catherine Hicks has had a very successful exhilaration career, appearing in various movies and also television shows, including the critically-acclaimed movie My surname Is Jerry in 2009, i beg your pardon won she an compensation for best Actress in a Supporting role at the worldwide Filmmakers Festival. Hicks has likewise since returned to live theater, receiving positive reviews because that her duty of Hildegarde in the play Why Torture is Wrong and also the world Who Love lock back in 2010.

In she spare time, Hicks is a component of a range of volunteering campaigns, including for Democrat congressman Adam Schiff.

10 Jessica Biel (Mary Camden)

The beautiful Jessica Biel has perhaps had the many prolific career due to the fact that the finish of 7th Heaven. ~ starring as the poor sister mar Camden until the second to critical season the the show, Biel relocated on to lot bigger and better things.

Throughout she time as mary Camden and also after, she starred in films like The rules of Attraction, Blade: Trinity, Stealth, The Illusionist, The A-Team, and Total Recall. In 2017, she to be nominated for gold Globe for her performance as Cora Tannetti in the television miniseries The Sinner.

Biel has likewise received widespread fame because she started dating singer and also actor Justin Timberlake in 2007. The two married in 2012, and had a baby with each other by the name of Silas Randall Timberlake in 2015. She also owns the children"s restaurant Au Fudge.

young name Brewer, played by Tyler Hoechlin, damaged the mind of Ruthie fans all over when the married her (Mackenzie Rosman) in the 12th season of 7th Heaven.

He an initial appeared in the display in season 8, and also soon charmed the mind of viewers everywhere with his conventional good looks and staunchly conservative views, which room thrown in his face when his ahead girlfriend becomes pregnant, despite his preaching versus sex prior to marriage.

In genuine life, Tyler Hoechlin has actually been met with vast success because the finish of 7th Heaven for his portrayal together Superman in the hit CW collection Supergirl! the has likewise been announced the he will certainly be starring in the new teen drama film Departures, alongside Nina Dobrev, Asa Butterfield, and also Maisie Williams.

8 Andrew Keegan (Wilson West)

Andrew Keegan was a late 1990s - beforehand 2000s love throb, charming the mind of teenagers worldwide with his portrayal of Wilson West, mary Camden"s love interest in early seasons. The is revealed an episode later that Wilson has actually a child from a ahead relationship. This, the course, is scandalous, considering the is 7th Heaven!

Since his stardom in 7th Heaven and other hit movies from the so late "90s and early 2000s like 10 points I Hate around You and The damaged Hearts Club, Keegan has laid pretty low in Hollywood.

He was challenged with somewhat of a scandal back in 2015 once the spiritual group he formed referred to as "Full Circle" was raided by officers from the Californian Alcohol Beverage control board - for serving Kombucha. The spiritual center closed that doors in 2017.

Although us know and love Ashlee Simpson for being sisters through Jessica Simpson, and also for her fairly questionable to sing career, we sometimes forget the the younger Simpson sister actually made she Hollywood debut as the long-time girlfriend of Simon (David Gallagher).

Although Cecilia and Simon eventually break up, Cecilia stays a sort-of part of the Camden family members until she goes away because that college.

Since starring in 7th Heaven, Simpson has married and divorced fall Out young singer Pete Wentz, and also is currently happily married come the kid of singer Diana Ross, Evan Ross. Simpson has actually two children; one through Wentz and also one with her current husband.

When inquiry in an interview if Simpson would return to acting, she said she was instead concentrating on her singing career.

6 Rachel Blanchard (Roxanne Richardson)

Rachel Blanchard shown Roxanne Richardson, who at first was the subject of lot of Lucy Camden"s (Beverley Mitchell) jealousy. Roxanne was a usual babe, and also had numerous of the male personalities in the show crushing top top her, including both Robbie and Kevin!

After Lucy"s early stage jealousy wears off, the two come to be close friends. In actual life, Blanchard has actually kept a pretty short profile (although she remains a babe).

She has appeared in number of comedy sketches, however, including the award winning brothers comedy television collection Peep Show and also the HBO series Flight of the Conchords. In 2014, she likewise had a recurring duty in the first season the the fight television present Fargo.

Despite maintaining a short profile, Blanchard has managed to preserve a name for herself by appearing in high high quality television since the end of 7th Heaven.

Haylie Duff, sister the Hollywood beforehand 2000s sweetheart hilary Duff, illustrated the personality of Sandy Jameson in 7th Heaven indigenous 2005 come 2007. In this role, the older Duff sister was the finest friend that Rose, Simon"s fiancéd in season 10. Sandy reveals afterwards in the show that she is pregnant, probably with martin Brewer"s baby!

Since she dramatic figure in 7th Heaven, Duff has starred in a selection of small roles, consisting of in Napoleon Dynamite, and also the two made for TV movies Love takes Wing and the sequel Love find a Home.

Apart native this, Duff has also started a children"s fashion line, a cook book, and pursued a rather successful to sing career. In 2008, Duff held the fact television series Legally Blonde the Musical: The find for Elle Woods. When this could seem obscure, it renders sense, due to the fact that Duff has actually starred ~ above Broadway in the past.

4 Happy (Happy The Dog)

Happy the dog appears in the an initial episode of 7th Heaven, after ~ Simon Camden begs his parents because that his dog, and fate unites the family members with Happy when he shows up on your lawn. Although in ~ the finish of season 2, we risk losing Happy when we discover out he had previous owners, the Camdens eventually reunite with Happy when he chooses them over his old family.

Viewers then dropped in love through the lover Happy (who was played by a dog called Happy). The actor dog called Happy was in reality a she, and had been a rescue from a California dog shelter. Heart-breakingly, the dog died back in 2010 that natural reasons (she was 15 years old).

We deserve to only assume she live a happy, star-studded life as one of the most important characters in 7th Heaven, warming ours hearts every time she barked, and constantly sporting a "happy" smile.

Lorenzo Brino portrayed Sam Camden, one of two the same twins who first appeared in season 3 the 7th Heaven. In genuine life, Lorenzo is one of 4 non-identical quadruplets and was just one of 4 actors who played the 2 twins, Sam, and David Camden. Later on, these 4 were whittled down to just two brothers (Lorenzo and also Nikolas Brino) come play each of the twins.

In real life, Lorenzo Brino has actually kept a seriously short profile. In fact, ~ above Google, there"s no a totality lot come see other than for info pertaining to his starring in 7th Heaven.

Lorenzo Brino does have actually a Twitter account! However, there are only 2 tweets indigenous 2013 ~ above the account. That does have a recent photograph as his profile photo, and also we can confirm that he has actually aged into a dapper young man!

2 Nikolas Brino (David Camden)

Nikolas Brino illustrated David Camden in 7th Heaven. Comparable to his brother Lorenzo, he has kept a remarkably short profile. His Twitter account does it seems to be ~ to have a bit more action on it, although it has actually not been updated due to the fact that 2014.

In his Twitter bio, Nikolas Brino go state that he is an actor based the end of Los Angeles, return we have yet to hear an ext from him.

Similar to his brother Lorenzo, Nikolas"s Twitter additionally sports a recent photo of him, and we have the right to again check that he has actually aged well. Currently 19, us look front to seeing if Nikolas will certainly actually pursue acting together per his Twitter page, or if he will take another route in his career instead.

Whatever his decision, for now we will always remember him together the adorable David Camden in 7th Heaven.

other stars native 7th Heaven have not been together wholesome in their personal lives, however.

Stephen Collins, who portrayed the upright Reverend Eric Camden, to be at the head of Hollywood scandal ago in 2014, when an audio tape to be leaked come the media. This audio tape had actually the voice that Collins confessing come his currently ex-wife that he had had relations with a boy in the past.

Later the year, Collins admitted come People magazine the he had actually in reality had relations with minors on three different occasions: in 1973, 1982, and 1994. He has actually not appeared in any movies or tv shows since 2013.

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Strangely, in 2017, 7th Heaven Brenda Hampton stated in an interview the she would welcome Collins ago to the show for a reunion.


Did we miss crucial character from 7th Heaven who"s as much as something exciting nowadays? allow us know in the comments!