10 points You Didn't Know about The actors Of role Bounce The actors of roll Bounce created a good entertaining time the town hall the show. Here are some small known facts around the cast.

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who would have actually thought place a bunch the rappers in a film about a disco roller skating team in the 1970s would certainly be a box office hit and receive confident ratings not simply by pan but, also, scores that critics.

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The director through the foresight to think in Roll Bounce was Malcolm D. Lee that Scary Movie 5 and also Night School fame. He was rewarded through a ideal Screenplay, original or adjusted Black Reel Awards in addition to being nominated for the classification of ideal Director by the very same awards show. For those unfamiliar with the film, right here is a little trivia around the cast that might cause naysayers to give it a chance.

Roll Bounce just seems produced T.I. Who just has the look and swagger of a famous character in the 1970s. After ~ all, that has proven himself to it is in an accomplished actor with much more than a couple of quality films under his belt. Though, in ~ the time, Mike Epps had acquired his fame from his well-known stand-up comedy and his functions in the Friday films.

While Bow Wow had actually that squeaky-clean photo that would draw fans that all periods to the movie. Though, it still would have actually been amazing to watch T.I. In one of their roles.

Some personalities are perfect fits for period films. Rather appear totally out the place. To perform such a film, usually, a certain amount the work has actually to go into researching the warm topics the the time, together with the clothing and also slang.

For those actors and also actresses that do not prepare adequately to know the culture and era the the movie is put in, are ultimately doomed come fail. Yet, Bow Wow in addition to his rival Sweetness, i m sorry is play by Wesley Jonathan that was born the same year the movie bring away place, did simply fine in their roles.

since starring in Roll Bounce, Meagan an excellent has had success in other movies including Saw V and Shazam!. Her costar in Roll Bounce to be Jurnee Smollett of Friday Night Lights and also Birds the Prey fame. Before starring in their signature duties in Roll Bounce, they to be featured together sisters in the 1997 drama film Eve"s Bayou, i m sorry featured them as Creole-American youngsters living in a tiny Louisiana town.

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It encounters the struggles these girls confront after they discover of the after-effects of their father"s infidelity. That showcases your talents together the much more well-known actor Samuel L. Jackson.

7 Jurnee Smollet has A famed Brother

also though Jurnee has actually made her name in the recently released Birds of Prey, the is her brothers Jussie that has actually made headlines news for every the right and also wrong reasons. His fight TV present Empire has actually won him nationwide fame as the R&B singer and also gay child of music mogul Lucious Lyon.

The TV series proved to be a struggle in Fox"s prime time lineup throughout its time top top air. However, Jussie was fired from the show for supposedly pretending to be the victim of a hate crime in stimulate to acquire a greater pay raise.

for those as well young to know the meaning of the dance move, the moonwalk, climate let"s take it a expedition down storage lane. It very first became renowned as Michael Jackson"s iconic relocate in the early on 1980s. In fact, the relocate itself is mostly tied come Jackson even though that wasn"t the single creator that it.

Oddly enough, Michael Jackson experienced the run on the popular 1970s TV series Soul Train, carry out by Jeffrey Daniel. Daniel agreed come teach Michael Jackson the move and also the rest is history. Choose Michael Jackson, Bow Wow can do the iconic move perfectly.

5 Nick Cannon an initial Stand increase Comedy Gig to be On His Father"s Program

Nick Cannon has actually some proven comedy chops and it showed during his time on Wild "n Out. While many adults can recognize him from his MTV days, he obtained his first start on Nickelodeon"s All That and also his an initial hosting duties throughout various Nickelodeon"s Kids an option Awards transparent his time ~ above the network.

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However, the san Diego native"s first stand increase gig come on his father"s televangelist regime where he was offered his very first chance to carry out to a live audience. Cannon jumped at his very first big chance, no disappointing, performing choose a jug comedian.

it isn"t shocking come hear a girlfriend or family member talk around a minute they saw a glimpse or possibly also met a renowned celebrity. Usually, these stories involve emotion speechless and overwhelmed come the allude of embarrassment. People tend come forget celebrities are world too and when they fulfill their idols, they have actually the same human emotions as the remainder of the population.

When Bow Wow met his basketball hero Michael Jordan, he claimed he couldn"t also pronounce a sentence as he to be in full shock of conference a human being he had looked up to his entire life.

3 Nick Cannon"s household History

Nick Cannon an initial found call in the early on 2000s top top Nickelodeon"s All the and The Nick Cannon Show. His popularity only boosted from there together he acquired fame together a rapper, comedian and a host. That seems favor if Nick Cannon place his mind to something, he has the capabilities of accomplishing his goals.

That primarily stems from the genes he received from his successful parents. Cannon"s father to be a popular televangelist and also his mommy an accountant. For this reason not just was he born through the gift the gab yet has the mathematical mind to manage his success.

Usually kids dream of being medical professionals or firemen throughout your childhood but after going to an audition v his cousin at the age of nine, Johnson recorded the acting an insect and never looked back. Within 6 months of going to multiple auditions, he got his first small component in the television collection 21 jump Street.

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From there, the has had actually parts in various well-known TV collection such as Baywatch, Moesha, and also CSI: Miami. He additionally was the key character ~ above TV Land"s The soul Man, whereby he starred next to Cedric the Entertainer and also Niecy Nash.

1 Mike Epps to be A Super bowl Ambassador

Mike Epps a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, who grew up one Indianapolis Colts fan. In 1994, Epps relocated to brand-new York, gaining his very first start in the collection Def Comedy Jam. Due to the fact that then, Epps has gained fame as a stand-up comedian and also even starred alongside Nick Cannon in Wild "n Out.

However, it was his role in the Friday movie that placed him ~ above the map together an actor. Once Super bowl XLVI was organized in his hometown of Indianapolis, that was provided the title of Super bowl Ambassador and featured in assorted commercials fostering the Super key Village.

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