"Everything that go in the next couple episodes are simply going come leave human being blown away," Cody Christian tells THR.

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It’s been difficult for Pretty little Liars fans to know quite what to make of Mike (Cody Christian) covertly visiting Alison (Sasha Pieterse) in jail. Thankfully, answers are on the way.

Christian spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Mike’s dark storyline this season, and he recognized that “fans are going crazy ideal now” after discovering of Aria’s (Lucy Hale) small bro’s clandestine chats with Ali. After all, Ali has actually been considered the prime doubt in his ex-girlfriend Mona’s (JanelParrish) death.

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“Right now, the doesn’t really understand where come turn and where come look, so ns think Ali is the one human being that, in his mind, that thinks, ‘This is the best choice, this is the ideal decision and also this is the right person to go to to get what i want,’ ” Christian said. “There’s so lot to be discussed and also considered. … Is the going there to seek revenge? Is that going there because he’s help her? Is that going there the end of resentment?”

Christian claimed the storyline will proceed to construct in Tuesday’s episode, as soon as “a lot more questions room going to it is in arisen,” and then the complying with week, “we’re going to start gaining some answers.”

He discussed that Mike has actually been required to “grow up” in light of Mona’s death, i m sorry is going to command him to do some big choices. “His actions are going to be so out of character,” he said. “Everything the he does in the next couple episodes are just going to leave world blown away.”

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As for points with Mike and also his huge sis, the 2 will continue to go through a “rough spot,” but viewers will learn “very soon” that was the plan recipient that the bag of candy that Aria experienced him leave for someone. And also what about PLL newbie Leslie (Elizabeth McLaughlin), who has emerged from Mona’s past?“Everybody should have the red flag up on Leslie,” the gibbs said, though that’s more than likely true the anyone that sets foot in Rosewood.

With the series rapidly draw close the end of season five, Christian claimed that “everything in ~ this point is comes to a head” for the show’s characters. He added around the forthcoming season finale: “It’s one stunner episode, I’ll tell you that. We acquire some answers the we most likely don’t want to have.”