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NEW YORK — A small cat is offering Antonio banderas as lot satisfaction together the an extremely Zorro.

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The Spanish-born star return to the screen this weekend in " Forever After" together the voice that Puss in Boots, a Zorro-like feline the the actor says is the antithesis that the large heroes he normally plays.

The popularity of the tiny cat, which debuted in the second movie that the "" franchise, has landed Puss the title duty in a separate movie for DreamWorks that might be released in 2012. Reversal has already begun working on the film v Mexican actress Salma Hayek.

Just prior to the world premiere the " Forever After" in ~ the recent Tribeca movie Festival, reversal spoke with The connected Press about the movie, computer animation in Spain, wife Melanie Griffith and his next projects, consisting of his recent work-related with Woody Allen ~ above " Will accomplish a high Dark Stranger."

AP: This is the fourth installment in the "" franchise — practically 10 year of successes. How does the collection stay fresh and what attracts people to watch it?

Banderas: I think it" essentially the opportunity that the movie has to be preferred by kids and also parents alike, but most specially by the parents. … There" likewise something an extremely important. … We are absolutely no conditioned to say the lines in a specific way, however they permit us come improvise a many … and I understand that is no a an approach used in all animated movies."

AP: What perform you check out of you yourself in Puss in Boots?

Banderas: not of me. (But) Puss has offered me the opportunity to laugh at myself and also to laugh many of all around the good characters that I" play who are bigger 보다 life, such as " Zorro," such as "," such as " 13th Warrior." Heroic stories wherein I have depicted significant characters.

AP: therefore this would certainly be favor their antithesis?

Banderas: Exactly! Suddenly every one of it gets lessened to a tiny cat. It i do not care an change ego of some of the points that I" done, however not therefore much around me. Ns wish! I favor the cat a lot, i would like to be as ironic as he is and have the certain secret that the has.

AP: that won" it is in Zorro, yet the cat" had actually so much success that they" do a movie around him. What execute you think the the truth that the "" film series began without Puss in Boots … ?

Banderas: … and now Puss in Boots has his very own world! (Laughs)

AP: What have the right to you call us around the movie?

Banderas: What I can tell you, without offering away too much, is that it" a film the is a little bit separate the "" in regards to style, that it doesn" go towards the counterculture for this reason much and doesn" laugh as much about pop but is an ext akin to an epic.

AP: Will any type of other personality from "" do an appearance?

Banderas: No, he" the only one. Every the characters that surround the are new because it" around the beginning of his life ... He" in an orphanage and there" a little bit of " Twist" come the story. It" sweet and almost moving in part moments.

AP: You" functioning on and also producing animated films in Spain (including the quick film " Dama y la Muerte," which was nominated because that an Oscar). What" the next such project?

Banderas: We" producing our 2nd feature film, titled "" We" even arising our very own software, working with innovative carriers in Spain, with the college of Granada, and also our own 3-D stereoscope software, i m sorry is spectacular.

AP: What have you learned native "" that has helped you v your own job-related in animation?

Banderas: A lot. Above all rather the method of working v actors who are going to it is in in the movie and also that" specifically what I" walk to execute with "," direct voices and also produce.

AP: speak of directing, what much more can we mean from you after " in Alabama" (starring Griffith) and " Camino de los Ingleses"

Banderas: I simply completed a mergers of mine company, which has been operating for five years in ~ a very humble level, and we" walk to make a qualitative and quantitative leap. … We" walking to walk for a movie more than likely with Melanie, whom I would love to straight again.

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AP: how is Melanie? (She remained in a rehab facility last August.)

Banderas: an extremely good. And also also an extremely eager to walk to work-related again, choose I" never seen her before in these 15 years. This movie is going come be stronger (than " in Alabama" I can" reveal numerous details yet it" walk to surprise a many people and most of all women.

AP: how was the working v Woody Allen?

Banderas: Fantastic! and also I went through some trepidation, due to the fact that they have told me he to be cold with actors, the he didn" tell them much. But for me he to be a resource of information. What i would carry out is go and ask him and also the very moment ns pressed the button, that would offer me all the details I asked for. He produced a an excellent atmosphere in the set. I preferred his reasonable a lot. One needs to realize that in 1985 ns was put on a T-shirt through Woody Allen" face, v a tiny cap and his glasses. When I landed on the collection and observed him specifically the exact same way, ns couldn" believe it. The was prefer working v a legend!