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Diamonds and Pearls
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from the album Diamonds and Pearls
single art because that Diamonds and also Pearls
Performer: Prince and also the brand-new Power Generation
First Released: 1 October 1991 - Diamonds and Pearls album
Album(s):Diamonds and also Pearls

The access time 1The hits / The B-SidesThe an extremely Best the PrinceOne Nite Alone... Live!Ultimate4Ever

Writer(s):Prince (credited to Prince and the new Power Generation)
Producer(s):Prince (credited to Prince and the new Power Generation)

Diamonds and also Pearls is the third track on Prince’s 13th album Diamonds and Pearls, the an initial album come be credited to Prince and the new Power Generation. Seven weeks after ~ the album’s release, Diamonds and also Pearls was released as the album’s fourth an international single. In 1993, the track was had as the 17th monitor on The hits 1 (also included as the very first disc the The access time / The B-Sides). In 2001, the track was had as the 16th monitor on The an extremely Best that Prince. A short live variation of the monitor (titled Diamonds & Pearls) was included on the 2002 release One Nite Alone... Live! (along v Xenophobia, Extraordinary, Avalanche, family Name, Raspberry Beret, The Everlasting Now,

Wanna B Ur Lover, The Beautiful Ones, nothing Compares 2 U and also How Come U Don’t speak to Me anymore from the very same show). In 2006, the studio variation of the monitor was contained as the twelfth track on the an initial disc of Ultimate.

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While particular recording details space not known, an easy tracking took place in the critical week that December 1989, in ~ Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota (during the same session as Live 4 Love). The track attributes Rosie Gaines (co-lead vocals) and also Michael B. (drums), who had actually just joined Prince’s tape rehearsing because that the nude Tour, as well as Tommy Barbarella (keyboards) and also Sonny T. (bass guitar), both of who Prince had recruited to play because that Flash, a backing band for Margie Cox. The tune is the faster "Prince" studio record to function each that the 4 musicians, every one of whom recorded with Prince for plenty of years ultimately (Rosie Gaines had actually recorded vocals ~ above the Prince-written monitor I desire U previously in the month for The tip Sisters, yet this was created by Levi Seacer, Jr.). Sheila E. Likewise played ~ above the song, adding synth drum fills. The track was contained as the 6th track ~ above the December 1990, configuration of Diamonds and also Pearls, but was relocated to end up being the 3rd track top top the 1 in march 1991 and also 8 may 1991 configurations, wherein it continued to be for release.

record InformationDateStudioAdditional info
Recording Sessions
Late December 1989Paisley Park Studios,Chanhassen, MN, USATracking
Early 1991 (assumed)Paisley Park Studios,Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed)Additional recording
recording Personnel
VersionsDiamonds and Pearls
Released Versions
TitleLengthReleasedVersionAdditional info
4:43Diamonds and Pearls

Diamonds and Pearls singleThe Crown Jewels advancement album

Diamonds and also Pearls (Edit)4:20Diamonds and also Pearls single

The hits 1The hits / The B-SidesThe very Best that PrinceUltimate4Ever

Diamonds & Pearls0:40One Nite Alone...

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Live30 April 2002, Portland facility for the Perf. Art - Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR, USA
Video VersionsTitleLengthReleasedVersionAdditional infoDiamonds and also Pearls
4:30Diamonds and Pearls video Collection VHS/DVD

The Hits collection VHS/DVD

StudioSee Diamonds and also Pearls video clip for details
Broadcasts/streaming (only)TitleLengthReleasedVersionAdditional infoDiamonds and also Pearls
?:??Live performance TV broadcastLive20 July 1991 (matinee), distinct Olympics, The Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN
Diamonds and Pearls / Let’s go Crazy ?:??Live power TV broadcastLive4 September 1991, Arsenio room Show, big Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA; Diamonds and Pearls intro only
Sampled, advert to, Quoted in...TitleLengthReleasedVersionAdditional infoPurple Medley
11:03Purple Medley singleStudio medleySee purple Medley for an ext details
Purple Medley (Edit)3:14Purple Medley singleEditSee violet Medley for an ext details
Unreleased VersionsTitleVersionAdditional InfoDiamonds and Pearls
StudioVersion without Rosie Gaines, inserted on the 27 November 1990 construction of the Diamonds and also Pearls Album
Additional InformationSee alsoTrivia
The intro the the tune bears a striking same to "In The Meantime" by Betty Davis (from the album: Betty Davis, 1973)
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