M-Bone, born Mante Talbert, was a member the the group who stole the spotlight — and taught the country a brand-new dance — through their 2010 single, Teach Me how to Dougie.

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Cali Swag front man C-Smoove tweeted, "Ma life changed drastically in the blink of an eye. Rip mbone," at an early stage Monday morning, making the death official because that hip-hop fans prior to police to be able to.

Later, the Inglewood Police Department evidenced to MTV News the the 22-year-old Bone passed away of 2 gunshot wounds come the head:

At about 10:30 p.m. PT Sunday night, police were referred to as to the 400 block of phibìc La Brea in Inglewood. As soon as police came down on the scene, they found Talbert seated in the driver's seat of a black color unspecified car with at the very least two gunshot wounds to the head. Paramedics climate took him to a regional hospital whereby Talbert ultimately succumbed come his injuries.


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Witness accounts check that the rapper was seated in his car when the gunmen traction alongside him in a separate vehicle and also let off at least two rounds. The doubt fled northbound on La Brea.

Signed come Capitol Records, Cali Swag ar made your name v the platinum run hit "Teach Me how to Dougie," an ode come the dance popularized by hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh. The record's remix featured Jermaine Dupri, B.o.B, Bow Wow and also Red Cafe, and also their debut album, The Kickback, is slated for a 2011 release.

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The group's publicist, Greg Miller, told the Los Angeles Times the the shooting appears to have been a arbitrarily act the violence, and has asked that anyone through information around the crime call the Los Angeles police. Large Wy, one more group member, stated that the Cali Swag District had actually no corridor affiliations. Miller approve a statement on behalf of Talbert's family, praising him as an "inspiration to his family, friends and also fans" and also an artist who talents will be missed.