What the singer “just can’t acquire enough” of is love and also affection native his significant other. This idea is plainly and also effectively placed forth throughout the totality song. So tersely put, this track is a rather-simple display of the vocalist’s adoration for his far-ranging other. For instance, he relishes tasks as mundane together “walking under the street” v his lady. Moreover “every time” that thinks around her, the is then compelled come initiate a meeting, as in having to watch her in person. 

And usually she has an all at once positive impact on his life, with her love ‘setting him free’. Indeed the likens her to “an angel” and also comes off together if he feels generally fortunate to have actually her. And ultimately, his will is to drive the suggest home that he can never grow weary of having this exceptional romantic partner by his side.

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The music video clip to “Just Can’t acquire Enough” to work Clive Richardson together its director.

Facts around “Just Can’t obtain Enough”

The label behind this song is Mute Records. And they decided to relax “Just Can’t acquire Enough” ~ above 7 September 1981 as the third solitary from “Speak & Spell”, Depeche Mode’s maiden album.

This was in factDepeche Mode’s, a tape from the UK, an initial song exit in the UnitedStates.And the performed admirably in America, make an figure onBillboard’s warm Dance club Play listing.

The tune alsocharted in a few other countries and also peaked in ~ number eight ~ above the UK SinglesChart, noting Depeche Mode’s greatest hit in your homeland up till thatpoint. In addition it has actually been certified yellow in the united Kingdom.

Additionally “JustCan’t obtain Enough” peaked in ~ number 4 on the Kent Music Report inAustralia.And virtually 40 years later on it quiet stands together Depeche Mode’sbest-performing tune in the Land under Under.

Moreover “JustCan’t acquire Enough” recharted in Belgium, and also making its very first appearanceon the Netherlands’ prominent music charts, in 1985.

“Just can’t GetEnough” was created by Depeche mode member Vince Clark.And the entireband created the song in collaboration with Daniel Miller.

Vince Clark’s motivation for penning this tune is claimed to have actually been another song, “To cut a lengthy Story Short”, which the Spandau Ballet (another tape from the UK) dropped in 1980.

Vince Clark was oneof the founders of Depeche Mode. But he left the group prior to they reached thepeak of your fame and also influence.In reality “Just Can’t gain Enough” is thelast tune he created for consumption by the band.

One team that hasnotably extended “Just Can’t gain Enough” is a girl band from the UK dubbed TheSaturdays.They did therefore in 2009.

In terms of its popmedia usage, “Just Can’t obtain Enough” has been featured in the movie “SummerLovers” (1982) – the being the an initial time a Depeche mode song was used in afilm – and also “The Wedding Singer” (1998).It has likewise been used on anepisode the “Friends” (1996) and also other renowned TV shows.

Moreover fashionbrand gap used to the song for your 1999 “Everybody in Leather” advertisement.

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This lyrics of this track have also been adopted by pan of the Celtic Football club in the name of bigging up your squad (i.e. Chanting), and also being supplied by pendant of other skilled soccer teams – such as the Bolton Wanderers and also Liverpool – because that the same purpose.