Many think the J. Geils Band suddenly erupted on the scene in 1981 v their smash struggle Centerfold, but for an ext than 10 year prior the band toured the country sans the benefit of a single top 10 hit.

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That changed, look at in the blink of an eye as the MTV era rolling in. Centerfold was one of the very first I mental to be in the station’s heavy rotation (I was around 10 in ~ the time) and the video itself was amongst the most trendy throughout those MTV’s infancy days. 

The video depicts the band performing the track in a classroom, add by a bunch of warm chicks dressed increase in catholic institution uniforms—of species carrying course books.

In reality the track was about a male crushing top top a girl in high institution who appeared to it is in the girl following door— unsullied in every way (lyrics encompass referring to her as his “homeroom angel” and also “pure prefer snowflakes”), just years later on seeing she wind up as the centerfold that a “girly” magazine, lot to his dismay.

Of course, you can’t forget the “Na, na, na, na, na, na.”— just the undisputed whistling melody heat of the decade.

Some songs room commercial successes while others “settle” because that being pertained to as critically acclaimed. The ideal tunes space a mix of both. Centerfold check both boxes because that me—a true 80’s classic.

Chart Success: Centerfold struggle number-one on the Billboard hot 100, the band’s just chart topper and it stayed on peak for a whopping six weeks. It invested 25 main on the charts and finished 1982 fifth on the year-end Billboard hot 100.

Great Lyrics: Unfortunately, the video never mirrors if (lead singer) Peter Wolf ever makes it to the motel room v the girl of his high college dreams.

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“It’s okay, i understandThis ain’t no never-never landI hope that once this issue’s goneI’ll view you when your garments are onTake her car, yes we willWe’ll take her car and drive itWe’ll take it to a motel roomAnd take it ’em off in private”

Fun Facts: This to be truly the pinnacle of the band’s success—and existence. Wolf left the group in 1983 after ~ several arguments on the group’s direction. Seth Justman took over together lead singer and also the group put out one an ext album, which pretty lot sucked. They broke up in 1985 and also stayed that way for 14 years before reuniting many times.