A couple of weeks back I was sick and laid up in bed for over a week, so through nothing better to do, ns made myself feel much better by city hall a TV show by one of my favourite Australian children’s TV producers, Jonathon M Shiff. He does the ideal TV EVER. My favourite show he’s done is Thunderstone, complied with by Pirate Islands, Silversun, and Ocean Girl. Australian kids’ TV is serious the best.

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I binge watched H2O: Just include Water, i beg your pardon is a show around three constant Aussie teenage girls that accidentally become mermaids and also are granted miracle powers, but must save their mystery from everyone, consisting of their families, and the shenanigans they encounter together they discover an ext about mermaids and the secret Mako Island that changed them.


The point that really bugs me is the opening theme song.

The main opening/ending song is “No ordinary Girl” written by Shelley Rosenberg and music by Danny Beckerman and Ric Formosa.

It’s carry out by a different singer because that each season. Season 1 is Ellie Henderson, season 2 is Kate Alexa, and also Season 3 is Indiana Evans, who plays Bella, who sings a lot of in the show due to gift in a band.

(actually, fun thing I noticed: Bella desires to create a song around the s with Will, and also the tune she end up performing at the finish of season 3 is ‘No simple Girl’.)

The lyrics offered really promise a various story come the one us get.

I’ll display you:

I’ve acquired a unique power that I’m not afraid to use

I’m afraid that’s incorrect. The girls space deathly fear of making use of their strength in front of people and also in public. They’re afraid they’ll be taken away and also experimented on.

So come on this is my adventure, this is mine fantasy

It’s all around living in the s being wild and also free

I’m fear this is wrong, too. It’s not all about living in the ocean. The girls still live on land, they only visit the ocean.

Cause I’m no ordinary girl

Um, yes, they are. It is the entire suggest of the show. 3 ordinary girls come to be mermaids.

I’m native the deep blue underworld

No, they’re not. They’re from the land. Castle land human being who can end up being mermaids. They’re not from the water, they’re indigenous the land.

Land or sea, I’ve acquired the power if I simply believe

Well, according to the show, they have the power even if castle don’t believe they have it anymore, including the time lock jumped right into the moon pool during an eclipse reasoning they were giving the powers up. Funnily enough it only lasted 12 hours, long sufficient to gain the poor guys off their tails, yet they legitimately believed they’d lost their strength forever. So they’ve obtained the powers whether they think or not.

On the other hand, they’ve likewise got your powers if castle concentrate and also work hard, no ‘just believe.’

Cause I’m no simple girl, I’m native the deep blue underworld

We’ve been with this. Castle are human beings from land first, mermaids second.

Land or sea, the world’s mine oyster, I’m the pearl

Not fairly sure what it’s trying come say here. Is that trying come say the girls room pieces of dirt or grit climate encased in something hard and also unyielding and become beautiful and rare? Yeah, I can actually see that working.

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No ordinary girl

Yeah, right.

(this is the opening credits indigenous season 3 whereby Emma play by Claire Holt was changed by Bella play by Indiana Evans)

Do girlfriend sometimes gain irrationally annoyed by something that doesn’t also matter and feel the should blog about it? I’d LOVE to see your crazy posts so I recognize I’m not all alone!