Super key LV will certainly feel decidedly different in comparison come championship games of the past, offered the recurring threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. The nationwide Football organization has currently announced it"s going to border the number of people in attendance (via CBS Sports). Viewers at residence will likely need to make a few changes together well, restricting the number of people who have the right to watch the game at any single location — ideally, people should only watch it with members of their own household. 

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Fortunately, part things deserve to stay the same. Also if you"re the town hall the big game every by yourself, no one"s preventing you native making a gigantic platter of supreme nachos to eat in one sitting. There must be plenty of good commercials, including trailers because that upcoming movie that will (hopefully) come the end this year, like Black Widow and Fast & Furious 9. And, of course, there will certainly be one more dynamite Super bowl Halftime display to gain you on your feet dancing. 

Jennifer Lopez and also Shakira set the bar pretty high last year when the vivacious duo take it fans with their discographies. No to be outdone, Pepsi has gotten one more high-profile hitmaker to headline this year"s show — The Weeknd. To get the pan hyped because that the show, Pepsi has actually released a commercial come ensure everyone and their grandmother knows who"s performing, and if you haven"t heard the the song that plays transparent the ad before, currently you"ll understand what it is.

Even if girlfriend don"t understand the surname of the song in Pepsi"s ad, you likely heard the on the radio at some point in 2020. "Blinding Lights" was the smash solitary from The Weeknd"s recent album, After Hours, spending fine over a year top top Billboard"s hot 100 and also peaking at the number 1 spot ago in April of critical year (via Billboard). 

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When the town hall the 60-second commercial, it shows up as despite everybody has been blinded by the light, as we watch folks from every walks that life humming follow me to the tune, several of whom are an ext vocally-gifted 보다 others. Eventually, we view a security guard gaining into it, and also the track is therefore contagious, the doesn"t even realize that The Weeknd himself has actually pulled increase to carry out at Raymond James Stadium, where Super bowl LV will take place. 

The Weeknd has actually some pretty large shoes to fill in the pantheon of Super key Halftime performers, with some of the biggest names in popular music music — including Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake — leaving their mark in current years. The course, The Weeknd has an ext than his same share of access time — when viewers must absolutely intend "Blinding Lights" to be on the playlist, we likewise wouldn"t it is in surprised if that busts out "Call out My Name," "Can"t feeling My Face," and "Starboy" throughout his set. It"s also become other of a tradition to bring on other surprise performers throughout a Super bowl Halftime Show, and considering The Weeknd"s collaborations with the likes of Ariana Grande and also Kendrick Lamar, there"s definitely plenty of star power that might come the end that night. 

While this is just speculation, there"s one thing we do recognize for certain: you can watch this year"s Super bowl on CBS top top February 7, 2021 at 6:30pm EST.