LITTLE FALLS, NJ — The U.S. Postal business issued the Yogi Berra stamp today. This Forever stamp was committed during a ceremony in ~ the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning facility in small Falls, NJ, and is now being offered at post Office locations nationwide and online at smashville247.net.com/yogiberrastamp.

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News around the stamp is being common on social media utilizing the hashtags #YogiBerraStamp and #BaseballStamps. Followers of the Postal Service’s Facebook and Twitter pages have the right to view the ceremony live top top facebook.com/smashville247.net and twitter.com/smashville247.net. Second video will certainly be posted two hrs after the ceremony providing much more information and insights in informing the story the the rubber stamp subject.

“We expect this stamp will serve together a reminder that Yogi’s bigger than life personality — both on and off the field,” stated Ron A. Bloom, chairman, U.S. Postal business Board of Governors.

Bloom was joined for the ceremony by Bob Costas, Emmy Award-winning sportscaster; and also Larry, Tim and also Dale Berra, young of Yogi Berra. The ceremony deserve to be perceived on the Postal business Facebook and Twitter pages.

“The Berra family wishes to thank the U.S. Postal organization for honoring ours father with a Forever stamp for his prowess together a baseball icon who prove the right means to earn the respect that family, friends, competitors and people everywhere,” the family said in a statement.


Yogi Berra was one of the greatest major League Baseball players of all-time. The won three American organization MVP awards, to be an 18-time MLB All-Star and played in the World collection championship in 14 of his 18 seasons in Yankees pinstripes.

Born Lawrence Peter Berra, the earned his famous nickname while play American Legion baseball. Legend has actually it that Berra and his teammates went to the movies, wherein they observed a travelogue smashville247.net India. Noticing that Berra satellite waiting to bat with legs and arms folded in the same fashion as the yogis top top the screen, one of his teammates decided everyone should call Berra “Yogi.”

The Yankees signed Berra to a minor league contract in 1942. After playing one season, he was drafted and also served in the marine during world War II offer as component of the D-Day invasion and also eventually earning a violet Heart. Discharged in might of 1946, Berra played v the Yankees because that the last week that the season. That hit the first of his 358 significant League home runs in his 2nd time in ~ bat. The next season, he winner the very first of his World series rings.

A talented athlete, Berra became nearly as well known for his paradoxical sayings, Yogi-isms — contradictory bits of logic and humor — as for his ability on the baseball diamond. “I never ever said every little thing I said,” Berra conceded, yet several price quotes attributed come him show up in Bartlett’s acquainted Quotations.

After retiring as a Yankees player in 1963, Berra began a second career together a manager and also coach, taking two teams to the World series as manager.

Berra was elected to the nationwide Baseball hall of reputation in 1972 and was a posthumous recipient of the Presidential Medal that Freedom, the nation’s greatest civilian award.

Art manager Antonio Alcalá design the rubber stamp with initial art by Charles Chaisson and lettering by Michael Doret.

The Yogi Berra rubber stamp is gift issued as a Forever stamp in panes of 20. These Forever stamps will always be equal in worth to the present First-Class letter 1‑ounce price.

A photographic postmark that the designated first-day-of-issue city, little Falls, NJ, is easily accessible at smashville247.net.com/shopstamps.

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Customers might purchase stamps and also other philatelic commodities through the Postal keep at smashville247.net.com/shopstamps, by calling 844-737-7826, by mail v USA Philatelic, or at article Office areas nationwide.

The Postal company generally obtain no tax dollars for operation expenses and relies top top the revenue of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

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