If you asked someone who the very first actor to play James shortcut was, they would probably answer Sean Connery. Similarly, if you to be to asking how countless actors had played the role, most human being would speak 5 or 6. You may be surprised to know that the above answers space wrong. Below, we provide you the complete background of every one of the actors who have played James Bond, not only in the main series, but in unofficial films, TV series and radio shows.

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In at an early stage 1954, Ian Fleming to be paid $1000 for the television legal rights for Casino Royale. The novel was adapted into one hour long TV special and was transfer on CBS on October 21st, 1954 as an illustration of the Climax! an enig Theatre.

It was a low budget plan black and white episode that was adjusted by Charles Bennett, who wrote the screenplays for most of Alfred Hitchcock"s movies in the 1930s. That starred Peter Lorre together Le Chiffre, Linda Christian together Valerie Mathis, Michael Pate as Clarence Leiter, and also American gibbs Barry Nelson as the first ever James Bond.

Barry played James Bond very casually, and despite several laughable fighting and also torture scenes, the illustration was an interesting and also enjoyable rendition of Casino Royale. Peter Lorre in specific was a solid addition to the cast. The episode appears as a special feature on the DVD because that the 1967 spoof movie Casino Royale.

1956 Bob Holness


In 1956, Bob Holness provided the voice for James bond in a southern African radio adaptation the the Ian Fleming novel Moonraker. The would later on go ~ above to end up being an actor and game present host for Take a Letter and Blockbusters.

The Moonraker one-of-a-kind was arranged by the Durban Repertory Theatre. Bob has said the it was broadcast live, and also as such, there is no well-known recording of it.It is thought that regional performers native Durban voiced the various other roles, and also that the manufacturing was under ninety minutes.

1962 Bob Simmons


The very first official EON Productions James shortcut film, Dr. No, was released in 1962. It opened up with the total barrel sequence that would come to be a trademark the the series. James Bond, play by stuntman Bob Simmons, walked along a white backdrop, displayed through the see of a henchman"s gun barrel. Conscious that he was being watched, Bond conveniently turned and also shot the assassin. Blood dripped under the screen, the pistol barrel rolling off and also opening to reveal the main titles.

Bob Simmons might arguably be called the an initial official James shortcut actor, and he was in reality the an initial person come portray 007 in a cinema-released bond film. Bob"s scene was reused up till Goldfinger, prior to being reshot with Sean Connery.

1962-1967 Sean Connery


In 1962, producers Albert R. Broccoli and also Harry Saltzman carried James Bond come the silver screen in Dr. No, based on Ian Fleming"s 1958 novel. With Sean Connery"s distinct style, the exotic locations, and the spectacular supporting cast, Dr. No ended up being an prompt success.

Sean Connery go on come play James shortcut four an ext times in From Russia v Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You only Live Twice, before temporarily retiring from the role.

1964 i get it Moore


In 1964, between playing Simon Templar on The Saint, roger Moore starred as James shortcut in an illustration of the comedy sketch show Mainly Millicent.

In the 7 minute sketch, James shortcut is top top holiday and goes because that lunch, only to meet Russian Spy Sonia Sekova. Sonia is additionally on holiday, and the two spies doubt that the various other is spying ~ above them, resulting in some comical situations. Shortcut discovers the waiter is put on a wig and also punches him end the balcony, and also the 2 throw number of drinks over your shoulders, suspecting cyanide pills. Castle both get called back on to cases and end the episode v a kiss.

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1967 David Niven

In the mid 1960s, American producer Charles K. Feldman acquired the film civil liberties to Casino Royale. ~ a failed effort to have it do as part of the main series, he made decision to rotate it into a James bond spoof instead.

The film opens up with David Niven playing a retired 007. M begs him to come earlier to them, and when link refuses, his mansion is timeless blown up! M is killed in the explosion and also Bond takes over his position.

He decides come rename every one of the agents come James link to confuse the enemy. This outcomes in David Niven, Terence Cooper, Woody Allen, Joanna Pettet, Daliah Lavi, Peter Sellers and also Ursula Andress all playing James Bond!

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