As just arrived freshman fill up your stuff and head come college, one of their many anxieties is the roommate. Will certainly they throw parties in the room every the time? will certainly they take my popular music Tarts? will certainly they smell? To eliminate some that the fear around being forced to live with some stranger, right here are some previous college roommates that went ~ above to good individual success:

1. Tommy Lee and also the V.P.

Actor Tommy Lee Jones and Former Vice president Al Gore (and at some point John Lithgow) mutual a room at Harvard and, choose plenty of college roomies, chased skirts together. However, most don"t sign up with a nation music band to perform it. The i can not qualify duo likewise served as the motivation for the character of Oliver in Love Story, written by fellow Harvard alum Erich Segal.

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2. A story of 2 Coaches

When rooming together at the college of Minnesota, Tony Dungy and Flip Saunders dreamed of capturing a national championship because that the school, Dungy ~ above the football field and also Saunders ~ above the basketball court. Tiny did they know they"d both be responsible because that coaching nationally spotlighted teams; Dungy led the Indianapolis Colts to a supervisor Bowl win last year and also Saunders" take it the Detroit Pistons come the eastern Conference Finals in 2006.

3. Popeye and Superman

At Julliard, roomies Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve vowed to constantly be friends and assist each various other throughout life. Both organized true to the promise, together they stayed close. Williams even covered several of Reeves" medical costs after he was paralyzed. The course, being Robin Williams, he couldn"t prevent there; after Reeve discovered out the couldn"t to walk again, Williams channeled his inner-Patch Adams, visiting Reeve dressed together a doctor and also pretending to be his proctologist. Reportedly, the act resulted in Reeve to smile for the very first time ~ his accident.

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4. The men Behind Rushmore

Wes Anderson and also Owen Wilson have actually had good success collaborating on movies from Rushmore to The royal Tenenbaums. And it all started when they to be roommates at college of Texas, where they co-wrote Anderson"s directoral debut Bottle Rocket. That"s no the just writing they did together, though; Anderson created an A+ document about Edgar Allen Poe because that Wilson in order come score the much better bedroom in their apartment.

5. Legends the Notre Dame

Charlie Weis might run a quite no-nonsense football routine at Notre Dame, but earlier when he was a student there, he to be fond of play pranks on roommate (and quarterback) Joe Montana.

6. Stanley and Irving

Actor Ving Rhames most likely wouldn"t have sculpted out his successful career if it weren"t for roommate Stanley Tucci. While in ~ SUNY Purchase, Tucci encouraged Rhames come shorten his surname from Irving. And let"s face it, that was most likely a great career move; Marsellus Wallace simply wouldn"t be the same played by someone called Irving.

7. 2 Rhodes to Success

When you"ve obtained two Rhodes scholars rooming with each other at Oxford, you understand there"s bound to be some brainpower. But the pairing the future president invoice Clinton and Time editor/U.S. Diplomat Strobe Talbot simply seems excessive.

8. Climbing to Success

This is among those anecdotes you simply can"t make up. Once they were friends in Michigan, Steve Mariucci and also Tom Izzo would gyeongju up the actions of a man-made ski jump to view who would certainly be successful. If Izzo won, he"d become head basketball coach in ~ Notre Dame, yet if Mariucci won, he"d it is in the school"s football coach. The two bffs roomed with each other at northern Michigan University and also then walk on come live their childhood dreams. Izzo became head basketball coach in ~ Michigan State University, if Mariucci go on come coach the mountain Francisco "˜49ers.

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Note: It"s been reported that former FEMA cook Joseph Allbaugh was roommates v his follower Michael Brown. The story of 2 disgraced federal government officials living together is, sadly, too great to be true- the two didn"t even go come the same college.Big many thanks to Kara, Jenny and Mangesh for their research tips.