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Allee Willis, the American songwriter renowned as the co-composer that the Friends template song, has passed away at 72 year of age.

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The artist to be reported to have actually passed far from cardiac arrest, according to her publicist Ellyn Solis, at a hospital in Los Angeles, The new York times reports.

Her songwriting job spans decades, having written because that artists including Earth, Wind and Fire, James Brown, Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight and on songs because that The shade Purple musical.

One of she most recognized pieces to date in popular society is the song "I"ll it is in There for You," the theme tune for the hit television series Friends i beg your pardon premiered in 1994.

Performed by American duo The Rembrandts and also co-written with Friends producer David Crane and also Marta Kauffman, Willis once described the tune as "the whitest track I ever wrote."

The piece was nominated because that an Emmy compensation in 1995, a year after the debuted on the display which an initial aired in 1994.

"It to be the last thing I ever before thought would certainly be a hit, the whitest track I ever wrote. I"m very, an extremely grateful because that it," she said, according to Songfacts.

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"I wrote it very, an extremely fast, many of the music was there however it was just a 60-second piece at that point...and the tune exploded," she said, according to Songfacts.

Willis to be born and also raised in Detroit, Michigan and also never learned come play music, the linked Press reports. She prospered up listening come the music of Motown Records, the legendary record label in Detroit native which arised some of the biggest soul music artists, including Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, Diana Ross and The Supremes and also Stevie Wonder. Motown artists formed the structure of Willis" music inspirations, therefore the Friends theme song was a detour from her musical roots.

"When castle were fostering The color Purple, all of these newspaper reviews, ns mean, below I"ve created for Earth, Wind & Fire, I"ve written with James Brown. And also the only song they would certainly ever point out that I created is this friends theme. Could any song prepare you less to compose The color Purple? however I in reality loved it, because it"s the incongruity that i cherish the most in what i do," she said, Songfacts reports.


Allee Willis attends 2018 Songwriter"s hall of call Induction and also Awards Gala at new York Marriott Marquis Hotel on June 14, 2018 in new York City.Willis" other theme tune accolades include the Grammy Award-winning soundtrack the the film Beverly Hills Cop as well as the track "You"re the Best" native The Karate Kid film. She music for The color Purple musical won a Grammy for finest Musical Theatre Album and also was nominated for a Tony award in the initial Musical Score category.

She wrote songs for a hold of other huge name artists including Ray Charles, The guideline Sisters, Cyndi Lauper and also The pets Shop Boys, and was reportedly working v rapper big Sean in the last couple of months prior to her death, The new York article reports.

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She to be inducted right into the Songwriters room of reputation in 2018, an ext than 30 years after she Grammy win for "Stir it Up," which was performed by Patti LaBelle, from the Beverly Hills Cop film.