"Oh, I"ll just have actually one or 2 Cheetos," you think come yourself, demurely plucking a few crunchy puffs from a freshly opened bag. But prior to you know it, the bag is empty and you"re stuck with orange-tinged fingers and also there"s the stink of cheese dust under her nails. Not just that: you can easily eat more. Why is that? Nutritionist, chef and food writer Robin müller spoke with The List around the scientific research behind the addictiveness that this famous snack. 

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"It"s difficult to withstand the crisp, cheesy crunch that a Cheeto," fearbut empathized. "There"s the early snap, followed by the layer of salt, the puff that cheese, and also the buttery-rich fat the melts ~ above the tongue. With each bite, the brain is bonus with instant feelings of pleasure. It"s difficult to stop; and that"s specifically what food manufacturers effort for." 

In fact, a 2013 New York times Magazine examination found that Frito-Lay — manufacturer that Cheetos — invested up to $30 million a year employing practically 500 chemists, psychologists, and technicians to obtain the perfect level of crunchiness, aroma, and "mouth feel." according to Miller, their mission was accomplished: "Cheetos melt in our mouths almost immediately, tricking our brains right into thinking we haven"t consumed much. Difficulty is, when you acquire to the bottom that the bag — and also feel mildly bloated and thirsty — you realize the calories, fat and also salt didn"t vanish after all," she said The List

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That melt-in-your-mouth sensation is only component of the reason why you can"t simply eat a few Cheetos, fearbut explained. Even despite the brand gives some of its seasonings flamboyant names choose "Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno" and "Crunchy FLAMIN" warm Cheese," contrasted to a food that actually includes diced new jalapeño, even the spiciest of Cheetos is going come taste rather bland. This is yet one more reason why friend can"t eat just one, she explained. "Highly-seasoned snacks often tend to satiate united state sooner, while bland foods items quell the temptation come overdo it," müller said. "Have you noticed the there"s no one an effective or distinct flavor that a Cheeto? We should keep eat them to figure it out."

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In addition, Cheetos contains a details additive recognized to improve snack food"s addictiveness, fearbut said. MSG (monosodium glutamate) — we"re looking in ~ you! This additive is a purified form of "naturally occurring glutamate — through sodium included for stability," miller explained, adding: "Glutamate is an amino acid discovered in all protein-containing foods — cheese, meat, mushrooms — and also it"s responsible for transporting that prized savory flavor, also called umami or fifth sense." But, interesting way enough, MSG itself doesn"t save flavor, fearbut noted. "It activates the glutamate receptor in our taste buds, making food taste an ext delicious. I carry out wonder what the Cheeto would certainly taste favor without it."

Cheetos are without doubt so addictive that, even though fearbut is an expert on every one of the reasons why this snack food is a slippery slope to overeating, she herself has been recorded orange-handed. "I have a bag the Cheetos in my pantry right now," she admitted.