The teddy be affected by each other is a global toy, as it is close come the hearts of girls and boys, men and women. Just who hasn’t had actually their very own teddy bear completely in their life? This time we existing you v the optimal 10 many expensive teddy bears, which simply smell choose money.

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#11 Steiff warm Water bottle Teddy be affected by each other – $ 40,358#10 Happy Steiff be afflicted with – $ 55,000#9 Harlequin be afflicted with – $ 60,610#8 Blue Elliot be afflicted with – $ 64,200#7 Diamond eyes Bear – $ 84,000#6 Steiff’s earliest Teddy bear – $ 105,000#5 supreme Louis Vuitton Teddy be affected by each other – $ 106,016#4 Steiff Titanic Mourning be affected by each other – $ 136,000#3 Steiff Teddy Girl be affected by each other – $ 143,000#2 Bear with Louis Vuitton monograms – $ 182,000#1 Steiff luigi Vuitton Teddy bear – $ 2.1 million

#11 Steiff warm Water bottle Teddy be afflicted with – $ 40,358


This was the childhood be affected by each other of mar Vernon Pegge born 24 September 1903 at the Elms, brit Ferry, Wales. This teddy bear having been with her all her life.

As the surname suggests,this teddy bear deserve to actually host a tiny hot water bottlein the opened on the front of this teddy. Steiff produced these bears around 1907, however they never really recorded on halting more production. Your rarity is has actually bumped up your worth, v oneselling for 31,200 pounds or $40,358.

#10 Happy Steiff be affected by each other – $ 55,000

Even $ 55,000 is a vast sum, at the very least as much as teddy bears room concerned. Steiff’s merry mohair bear was produced as far back as 1926. In 1989, it was bought by Paul Volpp and also given come his wife Rosemary for the 42nd wedding anniversary and a authorize of unlimited love.


The teddy bear, do bySteiffin 1925, is the 8th many expensive teddy be affected by each other in the world.Because that the in different ways colored halves that his face, that was called Harlequin.

This colorful critter might look playful, but his price is no joke. The rare bearwas offered at Christie’s in 2010for46,850 pounds or $60,610.

#8 Blue Elliot Bear – $ 64,200


It is assumed that Elliot was created as a sample for the British room store, Harold’s. He would have been one of six various colored bears in the sample production. Unfortunately, Elliot never ever went top top to complete production, making any type of surviving instances extremely rare.

In at an early stage December 1993, Elliot marketed at one all-teddy-bear auction because that £49,500 or $ 64,200. Accountancy for inflation, that’s more than £95,000 this particular day — or an ext than $160,000 at existing conversion rates.

#7 Diamond eyes Bear – $ 84,000

Another prestigiously high value teddy bear produced by the German toy houseSteiff.Gold muzzle, sapphires and also diamonds in location of eyes, hair interwoven with gold threads.This is what a teddy bear made by Steiff ~ above the 125th anniversary the its successful procedure looks like.There are only 125 collector piece in the world.


The bear, made in 1904, is the world’s earliest teddy bear. Like plenty of bears ~ above this list, it to be made by Steiff. Follow to Reuters, the wassold in Germanyin 2000 for an estimated $105,000.

#5 can be fried Louis Vuitton Teddy be afflicted with – $ 106,016

This supreme x luigi Vuitton teddy be affected by each other is the pinnacle that fashion royalty branding and it went via auction overnight because that a cool$106,016.08.

As it stands, full proceeds from its last price will be provided to advantage the BBC youngsters in require — an company aiming come ensure every boy in the UK has a safe, happy and also secure environment in which come grow. The doll is 100% authentic and certified from BBC kids in Need.

#4 Steiff Titanic Mourning be afflicted with – $ 136,000

In 1912, the an initial black fur Steiff teddies to be manufacturedto be offered as mourning presents after the sinking the the Titanic. They were made in fivedifferent sizes and only 665 bearswere produced. In 2000,one that the mourning bears offered for $136,000to the Puppenhaus Museum in Switzerland, follow to The Telegraph.

#3 Steiff Teddy Girl bear – $ 143,000

When Colonel Bob Henderson to be born in 1905,he was gifted v the Teddy Girl bear. During his successful career as Colonel in the british Army, the was certain to keep his favorite bear together himself. After Henderson had passed far in 1990, his Teddy Girl was offered at auction because that over $143,000 in 1994, i m sorry is a record, according to Reuters.

The second most high value teddy be afflicted with in the human being was made individually by fashion mogulLouis Vuitton.This teddy be affected by each other was produced to celebrate the 150th anniversary the the LV brand. There are only 500 specimens of bears v the cute nameDouDou.It to be for sale in Monaco, the city the the rich.

#1 Steiff luigi Vuitton Teddy bear – $ 2.1 million

The teddy bear, i m sorry was developed by the mogulsLouis VuittonandSteiff, is the many expensive teddy be affected by each other in the world, together we have actually not yet tape-recorded the presence of an additional teddy bear the would sell so fine at auctions.The world-renowned fashion brand and also toy manufacturer have worked together to develop a teddy bear that exudes elegance and also prestige.

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In 2000, the be affected by each other was marketed at auction in Monaco, where it to be bought by korean Jessie Kim.It can right now be viewed at the Teddy bear Museum in the oriental city the Jeju.