The earth rotates about an imagine line the passes with the north and also south poles that the planet.

This imaginary line is dubbed the axis the rotation and always points in the very same direction

Think of the earth as a spinning top, the is tipped to one side, in ~ an angle of 23.45 degrees. The tilt that the Earth and also the earth orbit work-related together to create the seasons.

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The axis of rotation and also the phibìc Star (Polaris). The earth tilt top top its axis leader to one hemisphere encountering the Sun more than the various other hemisphere and gives increase to seasons.

As the planet travels roughly the Sun, it continues to be tipped in the same direction towards the north Star. As soon as the northern fifty percent (Northern Hemisphere) the the earth is pointing towards the sunlight (summer), the southern half (Southern Hemisphere) is tilted away from the (winter).

Notice that when the northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun, the southern Hemisphere is tilted far from it, and explains why the hemispheres have opposite seasons.


Southern Hemisphere Summer

The summer solstice in the southerly Hemisphere wake up on December 21st or 22nd. This is the day that the tilt the the earth axis, maximally points toward the sunlight in the southern Hemisphere.

When the the summer solstice in the southerly Hemisphere, it’s the winter solstice in the north Hemisphere


Notice the rays from the sun striking the Tropic the Capricorn much more directly in the southern Hemisphere summer?? Also, an alert the southerly hemisphere tilting towards the Sun, leaving the northern Hemisphere in winter. (Figure 2)

Southern Hemisphere Winter

The winter solstice in the southern Hemisphere happens on June 21st or 22nd. This is the day the planet has maximally tilted far from the sunlight in the southern Hemisphere.

In the north Hemisphere, the north Pole is tilted towards the Sun, with the Sun’s light ray striking the northern fifty percent more straight in the northern summer.


Notice exactly how the earth’s axis is tilted toward the sun in the northern half, which leaves the southerly hemisphere in winter? (figure 3)

There is no true equivalent. Sigma Octantis, based upon position, might be taken into consideration the “South Pole Star,” however, uneven Polaris (North Star) it’s too dim to be offered as a constant celestial referral point.

Sigma Octantis is additionally over a degree away indigenous the true south pole

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