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Tom Joyner is winding down 25 year of broadcast his syndicated morning show throughout America. His show was the first music formatted morning radio display in syndication. The others in syndication before him to be Howard Stern and various am radio talk shows.

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TJMShow who is broadcasting the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" live, in-studio for the last time tomorrow. He began his radio career through protests during the civil legal rights movement. Pic.twitter.com/12WwpeXbbs
Before syndication Tom Joyner operated for years in Chicago radio at 107.5 WGCI. Tom come in CHI-Town in the 1970"s in ~ WJPC to be (the radio terminal owned by Johnson publishing Company, of the Ebony and also Jet newspaper fame). Joyner became known together "The fly Jock" in the 1980"s as he go morning radio in Dallas in ~ K-104 and also afternoon radio in Chicago. That boarded a advertisement airline day-to-day to hold down both radio gigs and racked up end 7 million constant flyer miles.
During this week many, many, many surprise guests called in come the show. Guests included Tyler Perry, Oprah, Jamie Foxx, and also his childhood friend Lionel Richie. (Way too plenty of to point out here.)
His last live transfer was on Friday, December 13, 2019 as the 70 year old Joyner is retiring from radio. Yet the ever popular Tom Joyner foundation Fantastic trip cruise will still go on in 2020. The present will enter "best of" setting until The Rickey Smiley Morning takes end in January.
Comedians D.L. Hughley, George Wallace, and his one time co-host J. Anthony Brown avoid by to salary tribute to Tom on Thursday. Brown joined Thursday"s broadcast as a co-host from Los Angeles, the day before the last show.
J. Anthony, currently heard top top the Steve Harvey Morning Show, to be a huge part the the show"s popularity and success, having joined the present in 1996.
On the final display on Friday, Tom was joined through Sheryl Underwood, that was additionally a former actors member ~ above the TJMS. She now has actually her own radio show and stars top top the CBS TV afternoon talk show The Talk.
TJMShow) December 13, 2019You have the right to read and listen to more tributes at Tom Joyner"s website BlackAmericaWeb.com.

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