Keshia knight Pulliam’s marriage to Ed Hartwell dropped apart after just two months, Hartwell told “Page 6 TV” exclusively.

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Speaking come the media for the first time due to the fact that sensationally submit divorce records on Monday, Hartwell, 38, said that their marital relationship was torn apart by jealousy, disagreements about beginning a family and suspicions about infidelity ~ above both sides.

Hartwell, who married “Cosby Show” star items Pulliam, 37, top top January 1 after date for four months, said that castle stopped having sex when the romance soured — but claims she to be so fixated on obtaining pregnant he suspects she walk behind his earlier to execute it.

He told united state that after lock wed, “she wanted a infant really fast, and what i was make the efforts to explain to her was the — from mine beliefs, indigenous seeing other successful people — that as soon as you very first get married, especially due to the fact that we didn’t have a lengthy courtship, that we need to actually focus on every other and also not just have actually a baby. That’s other she yes, really did desire to do.”

Keshia article Pulliam and Ed Hartwell ~ above January 30Getty Images

Hartwell included that in February he “had a sit-down” v his wife, who came to be the youngest-ever winner of one Emmy award for her role as Rudy Huxtable on the once-beloved NBC show.

“I said, ‘I think we most likely messed up. I think we moved too fast,"” that told us, “‘Our lives and wants space headed two various directions."”

During the heart-to-heart Hartwell confessed the his ex, who he date for 4 years, had actually “lost a baby” and it made him establish he tho “cared around her.” Knight Pulliam was so upset after Hartwell’s join that she basically disappeared native his life.

wasn’t mad that i still cared about her,” Hartwell, that played for the Baltimore Ravens, said. “All she was a mad about was, ‘You don’t desire to have actually a baby, yet you’re mad around her baby. Girlfriend can’t speak to her 13-year-old daughter. And also there was a big fall-out.”

Hartwell added that his wife fled to visit a spiritualist and also “started walk out with friends every the time and not telling me when she was coming residence or sometimes not coming residence at all.”

Ed Hartwell and also ex-wife Lisa Wu v their child on November 7, 2008AP

After the confrontation, Hartwell — who has actually a 9-year-old son, Ed Jr. Through his ex-wife, previous “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Lisa Wu — states Knight Pulliam to be willing to have actually a infant by any means possible, with in vitro, adoption or naturally.

“What i learned around her is that if she desires something, she desires it now and she’s going come go gain it. That’s among the reasons we in reality stopped having sex,” that said.

The previous linebacker, who has asked because that a paternity test because that Knight Pulliam’s unborn child, relocated out of the house, and also was surprised to uncover Knight Pulliam was pregnant — but returned residence to assistance her.

“As time retained going past and the days walk past, part things simply weren’t adding up. So for me it’s no me saying she’s a negative person,” that said. “She wants what she wants, I want what i want: she desires a baby, I desire to find love and happiness. However at the end of the day, i think if things don’t add up, ns think it’s fair because that me, if points don’t add up, to want a test.”

“I can’t to speak she’s to be unfaithful. I deserve to say she’s remained out, she’s no came home, she’s walk out-of-town … for 3 days, i don’t recognize what’s going on. I can say that,” that said. “I can’t to speak she to be unfaithful. I have the right to say she wanted to get in vitro, I deserve to say she wanted to execute some points to make certain she got pregnant. I simply want to make sure it is mine.”

Meanwhile, he refuse allegations make by his soon-to-be-ex mam on “Entertainment Tonight” ~ above Wednesday night that he cheated top top her, and also accused she of stretching the truth to do herself look better.

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“One thing I have discovered out around her — and it’s not to bash she — is the she have the right to tell a half-truth to make sure that she seems like, ns don’t desire to say the victim,” the said. “But that she’s the one that’s right.”

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