Lisa Bonet has always been among America’s favourite beauties. She luxurious locks and free-spirited style collection apart from other Hollywood starlets of she day and also she remains an symbol in her very own right. Bonet is most recognized for her duty as a Cosby kid during Bill Cosby’s power as “America’s favorite dad.”

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But insiders have always maintained the Cosby had actually a contentious relationship v his TV daughter together Bonet was regarded as a rebel the the bunch, one he could not control. In spite of her being a favourite on the show, it’s been widely reported that her endure on The Cosby Show and its succeeding spinoff was much less than pleasant thanks to Cosby’s need for power. 

Lisa Bonet starred ~ above both ‘The Cosby Show’ and ‘A various World’ on-and-off 

Bonet play Denise Huxtable, the second child the the Cosby family. Much like she real-life persona, she a free-spirit. She has a challenging time with her studies, regularly finding it hard to focus and cannot clear up on one point as her interests are constantly changing.

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During Denise’s time ~ above A different World, her shift to university proves to it is in hard. She struggles with finances, her grades and feels favor she doesn’t fit in. She eventually drops out of college and travels to Africa whereby she meets she future husband prior to she returns to The Cosby Show. 

The tense relationship between Bill Cosby and Lisa Bonet

Bonet got along with her co-stars but according to old reports and the E! True Hollywood Story that the series, Cosby often ended up being agitated with Bonet together he considered her to it is in unprofessional and also rebellious. She to be allegedly late to set many times and ill-prepared, leaving Cosby in ~ a disadvantage because of being a stickler for excellence. 

A Different world originally centered on Denise Huxtable and the life of students in ~ Hillman College, a fictitious historically black college in Virginia. That was influenced by college student life in ~ historically black color colleges and universities. Denise Huxtable, indigenous of Brooklyn, and also daughter the Hillman alumni Cliff and Clair. She enrolled and also was roommates through Maggie and also Jaleesa throughout her sophomore year. Denise was a negative student who often procrastinated and also struggled to manage her time and also money. She disliked Whitley Gilbert and endured Dwayne Wayne's to like on her. She left Hillman at the finish of her sophomore year to take trip to Africa. She reappeared once in season three to offer Dwayne closure ~ above his crush. Maggie Lauten was a “military brat" and also journalism major, she is one of the few white college student at mainly African American Hillman. She moved to Hillman in ~ the start of sophomore year and also was roommates v Denise and Jaleesa. Maggie to be a sweet-natured, although sometimes ditzy, girl. Left after season one. Jaleesa Vinson, native of Camden, brand-new Jersey, enrolled in ~ Hillman at period 25, a business management major, roommate the Denise and Maggie throughout sophomore year, functioned part-time at the Hillman library, assistant dorm manager of Gilbert Hall, vacationed in Greece with Maggie during the summer the 1988. Disappeared after season five. #adifferentworld #lisabonet #marisatomei #dawnnlewis #denisehuxtable #maggielauten #jaleesavinson #differentworld #cosbyshow #college #beautiful #women #nostalgia #photooftheday #classic #tv #instagood #retro #pop #comedy #tbt #classictv #80s #fashion #style #eighties #flashback #wayback #love #oldschool

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As Bonet aged out of the Cosby household, Cosby felt it was just right that her personality attends college as he continued to press the stare of educated black families. Thus, she was transferred to the A different World actors to follow her collegiate experience and also her coming of age. Bonet, however, walk not show up excited about the role. 

In a 1986 interview with David Letterman in the promo of the collection and her an initial film role, Bonet was not enthusiastic. As soon as asked why she take it the role, she responded, “They called me to?” She then spoke around the premise the the show, explaining, “Well, it’s called Hillman and it’s not an extremely original. It’s around kids in college.”

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Lisa Bonet (1988)

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In the very same interview, Letterman asked her around her function in Angel Heart, in i m sorry Bonet filmed a nude scene. Cosby reportedly did not grant of the role, though he later on admitted he advised her to take it it to show his support. Despite his support, the allegedly decreased to check out the film

In a 1987 interview because that Newsweek, Cosby did not host back around feeling the film to be distasteful, saying, “It’s a movie do by white America that cast a black girl, gave her voodoo things to do and also have sex.” 

Bonet, ~ above the various other hand, feeling the function was a good pivot, revealing in her topless sheathe story because that Interview the very same year, “My obligation wasn’t to Denise. Ns felt obligated come myself and also my career.”

Cosby did reveal comes to that Bonet’s career moves might have a negative influence on young viewers the The Cosby Show.

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Lenny Kravitz and also Lisa Bonet in NYC, 1987.

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Things flourished increasingly strained as soon as Bonet married Lenny Kravitz and also became pregnant with their daughter when she filmed A various World. The producer that the show argued that they include Denise’s pregnant in the storyline together others could relate however Cosby refused, allegedly speak “Lisa Bonet is pregnant no Denise.” Bonet to be fired indigenous the series.

Bonet to be re-hired because that The Cosby Show as Cosby interpreted fans love for the character and that he might not just do away v his daughter in the script. She went back to the collection as a married stepmother yet her function became much more minimal as time went on. Her final appearance on the display was in 1991. Cosby later declared Bonet to be fired for outgrowing the material. 

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How does Lisa Bonet feel around Bill Cosby today?

Bonet kept her street from her Cosby family, revealing that though she loved her tv siblings in a 1992 interview v Arsenio Hall, that it had actually been part time because she had any contact through the cast. 

Flash forward to the days of Cosby’s sex crime scandal and Bonet said little but it was enough for fans to translate as her potential dislike because that the disgraced star.

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“There was just energy. And also that type of sinister, shadow power cannot be concealed,” she said in one interview through PORTEREdit. “If I had actually anything an ext to disclose then it would have happened a long time ago. It is my nature. The reality will collection you free.”

Bonet enjoys her time now as a mother of three and also wife come Aquaman star Jason Momoa.