Stacy London and Clinton Kelly to be the dynamic duo from the struggle makeover display What no to Wear. The TLC collection grabbed footage of participants’ bad outfits without your knowledge, rummaged through their closets unapologetically — even forced them to step into a 360° winter to highlight just how bad their style choices were. (All while flinging the end the many hilarious and creative insults possible.) Those were the days!

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The expiration of the friendship may have to do through Clinton’s memoir, I dislike Everyone except You, which was released in 2017. In it, he explained his partnership with Stacy together “a house on fire.” the continued, “I regularly wished that house would have burned to the ground.” Clinton may have done even an ext damage on tourism while promoting the book. “We spent so much time together for 10 years,” he told Austin-American Statesman. “It was funny in the beginning when we completed every other’s sentences. it acquired to it is in like, ‘OK, we need a break from each other."”

Later ~ above his press tour, he told People, “There’s a component of me that will love Stacy London forever, and a part of me that would certainly be simply fine if I never saw she again because that the rest of mine life.”

Soon after, Clinton tweeted a picture that confirmed Stacy had blocked that on Twitter. “Alllll righty then,” the captioned the pic. Bummed this friendship no last? Us, too. Keep analysis to discover out what Clinton and Stacy space up to — independently — as well as the remainder of the What no to Wear gang!


Stacy London in 2005 vs. 2018

She"s tho on TLC! The 48-year-old NYC indigenous hosts the series Love, Lust or Run, in i beg your pardon Stacy helps women with find their own style. The TV host has been candid about her financial battles in recent years.

She called Refinery29, "The day I commemorated my an initial anniversary the life ~ spine surgical treatment — Dec. 13 — I found out i was walking broke. Well, not broke broke, however running out of cash fast. And, end the past year and also a half, I had been burning v it hard and without a 2nd thought. It’s no that I had been careless: i have made a great amount that money together an adult, and also I’ve saved and also invested wisely. However 2017 turned out to it is in a year marked by breakdowns."


Clinton Kelly in 2006 vs. 2017

The 49-year-old at this time co-hosts ABC"s The Chew. He"s unable to do on record saying that Stacy London is welcome earlier to The Chew at any type of time and also that that "has no beef."

"It appears juicy yet it really wasn"t the juicy," he said on-air. "The tea is there ain"t no tea. I literally don"t understand whether she blocked me yesterday or a year ago or a month earlier or by accident. Well, she could"ve unblocked me which she hasn"t. I just wanna say that I"ve obtained nothing. I"ve gained no beef through Stacy at all. So, if you ever before wanna come back on The Chew, you"re welcome to come on The Chew."


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Carmindy Bowyer in 2010 vs. 2018

The 47-year-old assembly artist is quiet in the beauty world! She writer the book The 5-Minute Face and also does an individual consultations for clients.

Nick Arrojo in 2005 vs. 2017

The 52-year-old hair stylist opened up his salon, Arrojo, in 2001. The NYC-based studio is additionally a college for student breaking right into the biz.