Naruto: 10 things You no Know around Obito Uchiha Obito Uchiha is among the most an effective antagonists in Naruto. The character is complex due come his heritage and also past.

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Obito Uchiha has actually been a force to be reckoned through in the Naruto series. The wasn’t till the second half of the display when we choose up on his backstory and also what led to his dark turn. His action have impacted many that our personalities throughout the series run, consisting of his former teammate Kakashi.

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He began out as a member that the Akatsuki under his alias Tobi before revealing himself to it is in the true leader of the rogue ninja organization. His claimed death has actually been a secret until it was revealed that he survived and became a main antagonist. There’s tho a lot us don’t know around Obito, so us narrowed under some facts everyone need to know around the former ninja soldier-turned-enemy.

The Uchiha name has actually been associated with Madara, who ended up being one of the co-founders the Konoha town before ending up being the main villain of the series. After almost losing his life on a mission, Obito end up conference Madara who trains that to lug on his legacy to develop the perfect Ninja world. When Obito an initial comes into contact with Madara, he describes him together his priceless forefather. Having Obito speak that might mean the he is a straight descendant of the legendary ninja. That does describe the thinking behind acquisition up Madara’s namesake together his own after becoming leader the the Akatsuki.

Obito has showcased his complete power throughout the Naruto Shippuuden collection with his diverse set of techniques. Throughout his fight in the 4th Ninja civilization War arc, we obtain to view Obito use 4 different species of kekkei genkai. The very first three space the eyes the he possesses, including the Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, and the Rinnegan. As an Uchiha, Obito currently possessed the Sharingan yet managed to attain the Mangekyo strength after witnessing the fatality of his comrade Rin in ~ the hands of his various other teammate Kakashi. The Rinnegan was in Obito’s possession after Nagato’s fatality as the implanted lock on his left eye. The fourth genkai the Obito offers is the lumber release an approach which was offered to him after Madara replaced his broken limbs with component of Hashirama’s flesh.

In games like Ultimate Ninja Storm, details characters prefer Obito can use other layouts of jutsu the was never covered in the display or manga. In the second installment the the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, we check out that Obito can use fire-style techniques.

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We did watch him use it ~ above the show as a young ninja but that to be the only time we obtained to witness seeing him display screen that capacity in the series. What’s weird is that us only obtained to check out him use the fire jutsu in his mask similar to Kakashi. Provides us wonder what other approaches Obito deserve to use the we never saw.

7 Obito had Plans To attack The covert Leaf A 2nd Time

After attack the hidden Leaf village when Naruto was born, Obito did have actually a arrangement to assault his hometown again. However, Itachi would uncover out around Obito and his attack on the village. Itachi finished up draw close Obito and also struck a address him to aid launch an strike on their Uchiha clan. In exchange, Obito would leave the covert Leaf alone and he accepted their arrangement. The deal was eventually revealed to it is in the reason why Itachi had actually to strike his very own clan and also leave his tiny brother Sasuke lively in order to safeguard his village. It was a sacrifice that Itachi had to make in order to prevent Obito indigenous hurting the village again.

when we were an initial introduced come Obito, we knew him an initial as Tobi. His alter ego was defined as a silly silver paper to the Akatsuki, yet it in reality stemmed native White Zetsu. The fourth data publication revealed this fact and also it provides some sense since the mask is made out of White Zetsu’s prosthetics. Obito’s alias enabled him to work behind the scene in forming his organization and also orchestrate some events that took ar prior to the present in stimulate to bring his arrangement into fruition. White Zetsu’s sample on his body assisted shape the mask the Obito uses beforehand in the collection with his true identity surprise until the last arc the Naruto Shippuuden.

5 Obito’s only Relative was His Grandmother

similar to Naruto, Obito thrived up without his parents. In the manga, the seemed prefer Obito to be living off on his own yet the anime revealed that he was being cared for by his grandmother. Top top the show, Obito’s grandmother to be the only living relative who to be his legitimate guardian.

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She showed up in among the filler illustration of Naruto Shippuuden. Also though we just saw her in one episode, we did get to see Obito’s home life together we recognize that that didn’t have parents farming up. Her wishes for Obito space a bright future because that himself in spite of not learning what dark future awaited him later in life together foretold in the series.

for those acquainted with exactly how the Mangekyo Sharingan works, they understand that it would certainly render the user blind if they usage it excessively. That the factor why we see Itachi and also Kakashi bleeding the end their eye whenever they usage its power. However, it no seem to be the case for Obito as soon as he offers these ocular powers. Once Obito offers the Mangekyo power, he doesn’t lose his eyesight and is maybe to usage the ability with ease. The hasn’t to be explained regarding how he is able to execute that, yet there have actually been some theories on exactly how it’s possible. Among them is because of the heal properties that the White Zetsu the covers his body. Everything the case, Obito has actually been fairly the grasp when it involves using this distinct Uchiha power.

3 Obito Isn’t actually A Senjutsu User

in spite of being a user the the six Path’s senjustsu, Obito isn’t actually a organic user the the technique. After creating his very own Six routes of Pain, Obito to be able to use the senjutsu capacity to become the Jinchuriki of the Ten Tails. Senjutsu is bestowed top top those who can use natural power from within to unlock this technique. Only the Sage that the 6 Paths has actually been able to use this ability along with his descendants. In which method Obito was able to use the capability once he converted the dead Jinchuriki right into reanimated version of the Six paths of Pain.

also though Obito renders his appearance together an antagonist in Naruto Shippuden, we discover out more about him in the an initial series. During the special episodes title the Kakashi Chronicles, we learn around Kakashi’s friendship with Obito and how he got the Sharingan indigenous him before his supposed death.

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Obito shared the same dreams as Naruto to end up being the next Hokage. He also had comparable outfits and attitude choose our titular hero. It mirrors just exactly how these two are more alike than they realize. Obito has made a number of appearances throughout the collection until the finish of Naruto Shippuden.

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1 Obito has Used The unlimited Tsukuyomi Before

prior to the ultimate fight in Naruto Shippuden, Obito did actually usage the boundless Tsukuyomi. If you have actually watched the Naruto movie Road to Ninja, girlfriend would have actually noticed the Obito fought against Naruto and also Sakura using the an approach to catch them in an additional reality. However, the record is that the powerful technique was only limited, the impacts were still the same as the trapped Naruto and Sakura in a genjutsu-based spell trapping lock in an alternative reality.