Stan Kirsch, one actor that played the Immortal Richie Ryan for 5 seasons on the 1990s syndicated struggle fantasy drama Highlander: The Series, died Jan. 11 at his residence in Los Angeles. He to be 51.

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Kirsch died by suicide led to by hanging, follow to the L.A. County clinical Examiner’s Office.

His fatality was announced top top the Facebook page of Stan Kirsch Studios, the Los Angeles exhilaration studio he established with his mam Kristyn eco-friendly in 2008. Environment-friendly subsequently evidenced Kirsch’s fatality in a Facebook post thanking well-wishers (“I feel surrounding by love and also am forever grateful to each and also every one of you,” she wrote.)

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In addition to his five-season role Highlander role (he later on returned because that a collection finale appearance), Kirsch make appearances on JAG, Invincible, family Law and, in possibly his most memorable guest certification role, Friends.

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In the 1995 Friends episode “The One with The Ick Factor,” Kirsch play Ethan, Monica’s underage boyfriend (the high school an elderly had lied come Courteney Cox’s character about his period until after ~ they’d had sex.)

Kirsch got his start in show business as a child actor in a 1972 Campbell’s Soup commercial, and two decades later, after ~ graduating from duke University, was cast in an unsold TV pilot and also on ABC’s General Hospital.

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Kirsch’s signature role soon followed when that was cast on the an initial season the Highlander; he played the regularly comic duty of the youthful Immortal Richie Ryan for five seasons, and returned in the sixth season collection finale.

The main Highlander Facebook web page posted a tribute to Kirsch critical night, stating, in part, “Without Stan Kirsch, Highlander: The collection would have actually been far less. He carried a feeling of humor, kindness and youthful passionate to the personality of Richie Ryan for six seasons.”

The tribute in complete reads:

It is with an excellent sadness that we recognize the pass of Stan Kirsch.

Without Stan Kirsch, Highlander: The series would have been far less. He brought a feeling of humor, kindness and youthful passionate to the personality of Richie Ryan for six seasons.

Stan was at a disadvantage compared to various other actors portraying immortals on the series. The was never ever able to have flashbacks from the 1800’s or discuss how points were ‘back in his day’. However, Stan rotate this case into an opportunity; offering one that the few portrayals ~ above the present where a character gradually thrived into a wise, skilled and self-assured separation, personal, instance from episode to episode. Stan even changed himself physically to show how Richie Ryan would make it through in the civilization of the immortals.

Although Richie Ryan’s life was cut brief on the show, there to be little much more to see; Richie Ryan had progressed into his very own man, and it was Stan’s performance that made that true.

Beyond Highlander: The Series, Stan Kirsch was an completed acting coach. We have actually heard first-hand testimonials from countless of his students; every one of them having considered Stan an tremendous teacher and a gift of a human being.

Every time we had actually the opportunity to capture up with Stan, he was nothing yet kind, thoughtful and also sincere. He was a heat presence that will be missed.

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If you’re thinking around suicide, are worried around a girlfriend or love one, or would choose emotional support, The nationwide Suicide prevention Lifeline is accessible 24/7 across the United states at 1-800-273-8255

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