With regard to Hunter Tylo, a “B&B” representative called smashville247.net.com that because they space still in contract negotiation they have no comment at this time.

Original article May 17:

According to Hunter Tylo’s website, the actress will certainly be leave her function of Taylor on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” last showing up on July 3. The actress posted:

“For me, contract talks ended 4 mainly ago. Ns am moving forward and also opening back up come the hundreds of acting duties available, writing, and also pursuing my skin care line. Mine friends and also ‘B&B’ fans will certainly be sorely missed.”

smashville247.net.com contacted “B&B” in this regard, yet as of publication time had actually not heard back. We wish Tylo the finest in future endeavors, and also will store readers to update with much more information once it becomes available.

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Read around ex-"DOOL"s" Darin Brooks come B&B. Gain teasers for the season finale of Mike and also Molly.

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- Candace Young

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