Tom’s Old Benelli

Tom Knapp ultimately retired his old Benelli M1 supervisor 90 in 2005 when he donated it come the Buffalo invoice Historic facility in Cody, Wyoming, whereby it will certainly be put on permanent display screen next to the guns of other great exhibition shooters prefer Herb Parsons and also Annie Oakley.

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Tom’s old Benelli wasn’t worn out, in truth it had actually never permit Tom down, however it to be after Tom sent out his faithful at sight 90 to the museum the he satellite down and also figured the end how plenty of rounds the gun had fired. V over 140 live mirrors per year, the total variety of rounds placed through the Benelli was over fifty percent a million. Well, it’s a an excellent thing Tom retired the gun, because at that pace he would have actually worn the out... In an additional hundred years or so.

Tom Knapp has actually been available a once-in-a-lifetime, Dream-Come-True through the high class and also elegant Buffalo bill Historical center in Cody, Wyoming! chief Curator, David Kennedy of the weapons Museum in ~ the BBHC inquiry Tom if he’d it is in interested in having a display screen in the Exhibition Shooters area the the firearms Museum. Knapp stated “let me think around it for a second---OK, I’ll carry out It”! His answer came almost before the very 2nd had passed.

Not only has actually Knapp donated his three record setting Benelli shotguns, yet he threw in the total that began the totality shootin’ match earlier in 1959! His wood-stocked No. 25 Daisy BB gun. The vintage No. 25 was given to Knapp ~ above his ninth Christmas (1959). Ironically, that was the year that the Late, Great, Herb Parsons from Summerville, Tennessee had actually passed away. Herb had left part mighty huge footprints and was honored by the buzzing media of the day. Tom Knapp marveled at the legacy and also carried a dream of using his enthusiasm for shooting and hunting together a livelihood. Knapp carried that really dream for an ext than a fifty percent of a lifetime before he made that come true. ~ all, through the so late 80’s, everyone in the shooting sector that knew what an exhibition shooter was, or just how to usage them was either retirement or dead!

Annie Oakley. Advertisement Topperwein. Herb Parsons (to surname a few), and Now, Tom Knapp, (dubbed by the BBHC), “The best Exhibition Shooter Of our Day”, “The shooting Star” has actually been nestled amongst the vivid display v the ideal of the finest at the Buffalo Bill historical Center.

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Make your vacation complete and also stop by Cody, WY to see the remarkable paraphernalia and read the astounding stories of the great shooters and also Entertainers the the past and also present the grace the Exhibition Shooting hall of fame on the lower level the the BBHC. Visit the web site the the BBHC at