Cats space mysterious creatures, so much so sometimes that as soon as you go in and they’re on optimal of the kitchen cabinets through a part of bread you just assume that they’re appropriate in the middle of miscellaneous important and also you leave them come it.

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But occasionally our cats perform things the baffle ours minds, so we take to the web to find out...

This week’s question: Why perform cats perform the mouth thing?

We’ve all seen it, the moment that your cat has actually been sniffing something incredibly interesting (such as a sock) whereby they raise their head later on and your mouth is large open, as though in shock.




It turns out that “stinky face” or the flehmen an answer to usage the scientific term, is a cat’s means of analysing scent.


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What is the Flehmen an answer in Cats?


This response lets the scent take trip along the roof of the mouth, whereby the vomeronasal organ is.

Also recognized as Jasmashville247.netbson’s organ, this is a team of sensory cells located in the olfactory mechanism of certain animals. 




Why do Cats carry out The Flehmen Response?


Although it can look favor your cat is resmashville247.netiling in disgust, it’s actually simply pulling ago its upper lip, in order come suck wait in and filter it v the vomeronasal region.

Scientists reckon the the sensory info is somewhere in in between taste and smell, only in HD.




Other pets that have actually these receptors include big cats such as lions and also tigers, rhinos, giraffes, goats, tapirs and likewise dogs, although they have two thirds less.

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Science shows that in ~ one allude humans had actually these receptors too, yet we shed them somewhere follow me our evolutionary heat (probably because that the best…)





Sometimes, a cat seems to forget to pop its tongue ago in (see: blep), this is again a way of utilizing their progressed senses to “smell” that environment and also is also linked come the flehmen response.





The flehmen an answer is most frequently seen in males who use it mainly to identify smashville247.netmpatibility and also timing for mating, however females likewise use it to save tabs on their kittens.