ns asked this concern on however haven"t obtained an answer, for this reason I assumed I would try here also.

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My dog passed away a couple of days ago. The ran far from home early in the morning, and also by the moment we uncovered him it was late afternoon and he was really weak, ~ above the brink the death. Soon after we carried him home, he drifted off and also stopped breathing.

I to be feeling really horrible thinking about what might have happened to that in the hours before we found him, and also that he could still be alive if we had actually somehow quit him from running away. But a few people comforted me, saying the a many old dogs operation away from home when the time to die. Maybe they favor to die alone?

I"m wonder if there"s any truth to this?

Notability: http://www.ehow.com/info_12047757_dogs-run-away-dying.html

From my study it is unclear whether dogs run away to die.

After using the find term "dog death" ~ above Google scholar, there room no pages i found worrying the phenomenon, & none because that "wolf death".

Regular Googling gives speculation just - some people saying it occurred with your dog, rather saying it"s a myth.

Lastly, no books I"ve ever before read top top dog training cite the issue at all, for this reason I"m tempted come say it is no true.

Older dogs deserve to be vulnerable to actions changes, such as impulsive behavior and also cognitive dysfunction (dementia) (see here) , and that can contribute to a dog"s all of sudden running away. Likewise see separation anxiety, where smashville247.net can ache themselves as soon as the owner is gone, consisting of trying come escape their home. (see here) Separation tension is additionally a part of senior dog behavioral changes.

It"s also possible that there"s person contributions come the dog to run away - for example, many owners will believe that their an elderly dog is less qualified of bad behavior or much less likely to run away and take under precautions to keeping their dog safe. I don"t have actually a connect for this one yet many the the answers share this sentiment.


It"s not a myth. Years back we had a dog -- Sam -- that was an extremely obedient. Constantly came once she to be called. Never wandered off or ran around. But when she gained old and also it was evident that the end was near, she took off. Due to the fact that it was so the end of character because that her, we immediately figured she to be going turn off to die. And sure enough, we never ever saw her again. We scoured the area and also never discovered her. Mind girlfriend this was ago at a time once the regulations weren"t for this reason stringent and it was much more common for dogs come wander. Recently dogs are constantly penned in or leashed and never permitted to roam freely. I"d imagine that"s why world think it"s a myth. Dogs simply don"t have actually the opportunity to carry out it lot anymore. But if they might get away, castle would.


I psychic these 2 incidents really clearly.

Once mine dog Sonu was an extremely severely ill, therefore severely that also the vet had provided up whatever little hope he had actually left. Therefore my parental (I was fairly young earlier then) left the in a far away place (some 10-15kms perhaps farther). Ns was understandably an extremely depressed. But as it turns out 3 days later on we were in because that a surprise. 3 days later early on morning it was in the distance there to be the silhouette the a dog walking towards our house. Ns couldn"t believe my an excellent luck my beloved dog Sonu had actually returned.

Now the over story proves the my dog might return home from afar and also was an extremely capable that returning house if left at part place far away.

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Fast forward,

Sonu wasn"t in the best of his spirit and basically was old and also tiring. One good night ns wished him an excellent night and went to sleep never knowing that this to be the critical time ns would ever before see him. From the next morning after that till this date I never saw Sonu again.

So yes supposedly dogs carry out leave our houses when lock are about to die exactly how they feeling it and do that is a secret to me.