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Psychomotor agitation is a symptom related to a wide range of mood disorders. World with this problem engage in motions that offer no purpose. Examples incorporate pacing around the room, tapping your toes, or quick talking.

Psychomotor agitation regularly occurs with mania or anxiety. It’s viewed most regularly in human being with bipolar disorder. Psychomotor agitation can be resulted in by other conditions, too, such together posttraumatic stress disorder or depression.

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People v psychomotor agitation can’t stay still or continue to be calm. Castle use motion to release tension and anxiety. If you have psychomotor agitation, you might regularly fidget, relocate fast, or relocate with no reason or purpose.

The most usual signs the psychomotor agitation include:

emotional distressrestlessnesstappingstarting and ending jobs abruptlyfidgetingpacinghand-wringingfast talkingracing thoughtscrowded thoughtsmoving objects because that no reason

People who have psychomotor agitation will screen a collection of behaviors, including:

pacing ago and soon in a roomtaking off clothing, then placing it ago ontwisting your handstapping their feet top top the floortapping your fingers on any kind of surfacepicking up and also moving objects about the room for no reason

In serious cases, psychomotor agitation have the right to lead come self-inflicted harm. People may rip, chew, or pull at the skin close to their lips, fingernails, or other body components until castle bleed.


Psychomotor agitation is frequently seen in people with bipolar disorder. It’s also less generally seen in world with various other conditions, including:

traumatic brain injury (TBI)drug overdose or withdrawalsevere significant depressive disordersubstance abuse

Researchers have likewise found a link in between akathisia and psychomotor agitation in civilization with TBI. Akathisia is a activity disorder significant by restlessness.

Psychomotor agitation and bipolar disorder

Psychomotor agitation is a typical symptom that bipolar depression. It largely occurs during manic episodes, yet it’s also seen throughout depressive episodes. The often linked with various other noneuphoric hypomanic symptoms and suicidal thoughts. Signs of noneuphoric hypomania include:

cryingtrouble sleepingracing thoughtstrouble do decisionsconfusionfalse belief someone is the end to harm you inflated feel of self-importancehearing sound or voices the aren’t there

Psychomotor symptom differ relying on whether lock occur throughout a manic episode, mixed affective illustration (depression and also mania), or depressive episode. During a manic episode, a human being is much more like to relocate aimlessly. For example, they might pace, wring your hands, or tap their fingers.

During a mixed affective or depressive episode, motions will be used to mitigate tension and stress. The human may feel anxious, upset, irritable, and also restless.

see a doctor

See your physician as soon as you an initial notice indications of psychomotor agitation. Your doctor will be able to determine if your symptoms are caused by bipolar disorder or an additional mental health and wellness condition. They will also assist you decision on the ideal treatment arrangement to aid you control your symptoms.

You should likewise see your doctor if you notice changes in her psychomotor agitation symptoms. Alters in motor task may indicate alters or progression of the underlying cause of the condition.


Your medical professional will ask girlfriend questions and also review your medical history. They will additionally run part tests and perform a physical exam. Her test outcomes will be supplied to rule out reasons of psychomotor agitation.

Once you obtain a diagnosis, you and your doctor can work the end a treatment arrangement to manage your symptoms.


Treatment relies on the underlying reason of her symptoms. For example, if your medical professional finds the antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills are bring about psychomotor agitation, they might switch your medication.

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If psychomotor agitation is regarded manic or depressive episodes, your doctor might prescribe the atmosphere stabilizers or antipsychotic drugs. A 2013 study uncovered that the anti-anxiety drug course benzodiazepines can assist treat species of psychosis-induced agitation.

You may have the ability to manage psychomotor agitation using relaxations techniques that assist people through anxiety. Try these:

See a speak therapist as soon as or double per week.Practice yoga and also meditation often.Exercise most days.Use deep breathing exercises.

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You must use these techniques in enhancement to medicine or other treatments recommended by your doctor. It may be challenging to regulate psychomotor agitation v relaxation methods alone.


Psychomotor agitation can be regulated with the best treatment. It’s essential to pay fist to the signs and symptoms. Share what you experience with your physician can aid them make a diagnosis.

critical medically the review on April 25, 2017


Medically the review by Elaine K. Luo, M.D. — composed by Annamarya Scaccia — update on April 25, 2017

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