This is the phrase that sticks many in my head after a week of looking deep into the secret of men’s hard nipples. The sentence appeared in a 2014 Cosmopolitan piece about male nipple sensitivity, and I’m not certain if it’s just the an easy alliteration the made me mental it, or if that the photo I obtained in mine head of a ship captain steering his vessel with a pair of areola. Everything it is, i now fear that the phrase “carnal command centers” might never leaving my brain.

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Perhaps I need to start in ~ the beginning. A little while earlier I was reading a piece we did right here at MEL ~ above what men and women really think once they see difficult nipples in public. Unsurprisingly, dudes find it super hot to see difficult nipples top top a woman, as evidenced by the limitless online chatter around Rachel’s nipples on Friends, as well as countless other instances the dudes spotting women’s nips. Hard nipples top top a guy, though, no seem like much of a point for females — the item made cite of the testosterone-driven jocularity between guys about hard nips on their buddies, however outside of that, the mystery remained: room women right into guys’ erect nipples?

There is a surprisingly exact answer to this question, but before we get there, let’s conveniently go end a couple of things, beginning with why men even have nipples at all. Together per Live Science, it’s since nipples develop on one embryo pretty at an early stage in the process, prior to the Y chromosome starts doing shit about week six. By then, those pepperoni slices are already baked into your cheese, whatever base you end up being served with. While i didn’t know specifically why men had actually nipples until I looked this up, I appropriately figured the it had something to perform with a quote i remembered from Jurassic Park, as soon as Henry Wu tells Ian Malcolm, “All vertebrate embryos are naturally female.” This, frankly, is exactly how I’ve acquired the bulk of my scientific knowledge: Steven Spielberg movies.

So what, then, causes male nipples to get hard? There room really just like 3 reasons. The most noticeable one is the they’re cold — in the same way goosebumps stand up on your skin, the nipples carry out as well, especially since nipple skin is much more tender. Climate there’s sexual arousal — as guys start to obtain excited, your nipples will stand erect, simply as they carry out in women. Finally, it could just be the you have overly sensitive nipples.

You might smirk, however nipple sensitivity is a huge deal because that a the majority of guys, and also it can lead to their nipples being hard almost all the time. For example, yes this Reddit thread by a male who writes, “Since I’ve started working out a pair years ago they’ve frequently been erect. They poke with my shirt and draw a the majority of attention.” and there’s this man from a bodybuilding forum, who is also embarrassed by his rock difficult pec-toppers.

As you can imagine, this embarrassment mostly comes from typical guy ball-busting. Together user BigCasino relates on the bodybuilding forum, he frequently runs into jokes like, “Is that cold the end here, or is it simply you?” indigenous his masculine friends. Climate there’s this Reddit thread, asking what human being think as soon as they see guys with hard nipples — you have the right to see a plethora that bros make nipple jokes (along with lines about smuggling raisins and nipple tweaking, there to be this little bit of thought-provoking prose: “You nippin’ dog?” so clever!) even Robert Pattinson joked around Taylor Lautner’s difficult nipples ago when Twilight to be still a thing.

But the problem goes beyond basic embarrassment. The pointiness of part guys’ nipples method they regularly rub against the fabric of their shirt, leading to chafing and also irritation. And also being Drax’s trouble in Guardians the the Galaxy 2, it likewise was an worry for Andy boy name on The Office, who was petrified that nipple chafing.


And, as it transforms out, this is a fear with good reason, together you can uncover lots of pictures online the dudes v bloody, chafed nipples, favor here, here, here and also here.



The problem is therefore pervasive the it’s even referred to as “jogger’s nipple” or “runner’s nipple,” and according to Ultra Running, coarse products like cotton cause this problem, along with nipple sensitivity, which appears to be an ext prominent throughout workouts as result of stimulation indigenous the blood circulating. To handle this problem, or any type of general nipple irritation, stylist Todd Hanshaw recommends guys shot out some nipple covers, which have the right to be found at any store prefer Target. Sure, they might be mostly marketed towards women, yet guys can use them also — even Mark Wahlberg talked about wearing them on Ellen. “Just be cautious if you have a hairy chest,” Hanshaw jokes.

These nipple consist of can also be supplied to disguise tough nipples in any type of setting, not simply athletics, however if you’re not into taping your tits up, you carry out have an additional option. According to Hanshaw, for the males out there enduring from perpetually pointy nips, “You simply don’t desire to wear thin fabrics. For this reason go v a stiffer or thicker materials to hide them. That’s yes, really it.”

That type of is every one deserve to do to remedy this situation. Spring online, the only other systems I can track down was rubbing them to warm them up, however going roughly all work rubbing your very own nipples is most likely going to result in far more awkward conversations 보다 you were initially dealing with. There were some ide for calm lotions like castor oil, or massage oils and also that may be worth trying, but outside of that, the just other suggestion was surgery, and also usually those surgeries are for gynecomastia, i m sorry is around puffy nipples, not hard nipples. Very different.

So currently we’ve created that hard-nipple dudes are most likely to stay that way, let’s obtain to the actual question: do women choose them? lock are, the course, a sexual component of the body for men, too. Aside from the Cosmo piece about “carnal command centers,” girlfriend can discover tons of advice the end there on how to stimulate — or torture — a man’s nips. Because of their sensitivity, they’re certainly an erogenous zone, and many men are without doubt into nipple stuff.


But again, ago to the original question, perform women choose them?

Honestly, most women yes, really don’t it seems to be ~ to give a shit one way or another. A woman on this Reddit subject succinctly summed up the basic sentiment: “I guess I’d be less attracted if a dude didn’t have nipples.” follow to a Yahoo! thread that asked the question, only one woman, the end of the 6 who replied, claimed she to be actually right into nipples. Another on Reddit had actually 30 responders — just three of i m sorry dug dude nips. Over there was also a video clip by YouTuber Tyrone Magnus the posed this question to his viewers. Out of 27 respondents, there were three male-nipple-loving women. Climate there’s this video, called “Women Talk about Men’s Nipples” through As/Is, where 6 women discuss a masculine nipples. The end of those six, it appeared that just one to be really into nips in ~ all.

If you perform the mathematics from the 2 threads and also two videos above, an average of 13 percent of ladies care around man nipples. If this is solid scientific, ns pretty sure it’s at least somewhat accurate, due to a pair of an ext methodical surveys done by Nikki Spa! First, in a 2013 inspection of 100 mrs office workers who were inquiry if they’re grossed out by see a man’s nipples v his dress shirt, simply 16 percent were cool v seeing those guy nips. Climate they repeated the study in 2014 through 750 women and found that the percentage of women who were okay through seeing a masculine nipples v his dress shirt was exactly the same: 16 percent.

Now, I acquire that these surveys weren’t around attraction to male nipples, but I’m pretty certain that if this was a inspection of males talking around women’s nipples, it would be a reasonably unanimous thumbs up, therefore I’m thinking we have the right to assume this number is appropriate on the money because that those that are right into nipples.

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So, to finally answer the concern succinctly: The specific answer is that 84-87 percent of ladies — the vast bulk — are completely oblivious to her nips, perky or not. Sorry, proud male nipple owner — you have the right to tell those poor boys to stand down.