Why do muscle cells have a high quantity of mitochondria?

I method this by reasoning of a cell as my whole body. If ns lie in bed and also do nothing every day ns am like a fat cell. Ns only need a tiny energy i beg your pardon I acquire from a little amount that food in the method that fat cells just a little energy which they acquire from a small number of mitochondria. On active days ns am favor a muscle cell. Ns need lots of food in the way that fat cells require a many mitochondria to offer them energy. Mitochondria room the power factories for all cells. ATP synthesis wake up in castle by ADP and Pyruvate synthesizing to develop ATP, i beg your pardon is energy. Muscle cell work tough to move and also smashville247.netntract and also this is why they need a lot of power thus castle smashville247.netntain much more mitochondria to develop a high level of ATP

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Energy is created by respiration, the production of power taking location in mitochondria. Muscles need alot of power to smashville247.netntract, relax. So maybe you can start to understand why muscles need alot that mitochondria?
Mitochondria room the power factories for every cells. ATP synthesis wake up in castle by ADP and Pyruvate synthesising to produce ATP, i beg your pardon is energy. Muscle cells work-related hard and therfore require a many of energy thus castle smashville247.netntain an ext mitochondria to create a high level that ATP. I th
I approach this by thinking of a cell together my entire body. If ns lie in bed and also do nothing all day i am choose a fat cell. I only need a little energy i beg your pardon i acquire from a little amount that food in the method that fat cells just a small energy i m sorry they gain from a small variety of mitochondria. On active days i am choose a muscle cell. Ns need numerous food in the method that fat cells require a the majority of mitochondria to provide them energy. Ns hope this helps. If you desire further help with anything related to biology or need a much more in depth answer execute not hesitate come smashville247.netntact me.
This is since mitochondria develop ATP throughout aerobic respiration and ATP is required for muscle to smashville247.netntract. Without the mitochondria the muscle wouldn"t have the ability to smashville247.netntract. If you need any more help please smashville247.netntact me.
Muscles cells smashville247.netntain much more mitochondria since they need to release big amount the energy easily for movement.

A researcher is offered the task of developing a protein that will bind come a receptor very well. The receptor"s binding website has solid positive charges in ~ the edge and an adverse charges in the center. Just how would girlfriend go about designing the protein to tie to it?

Which organelle modifies cell products, packages them for distribution, and then might turn right into vesicles and also bubble turn off the surface of the cell?

A-level bio Q. Just how does ion cross the phospholipid bilayer? can very little ions simply diffuse across?

Animal cells, consisting of those that humans, space eukaryotic cells. Define the link in between mitochondria in muscle cells and rough absorbent reticulum in enzyme secreting cell from salivary glands. The cells in tadpole tails are specialised and also smashville247.netntain many an ext lysosomes smashville247.netmpared to its other cells. Explain he production of lysosomes and suggest just how this adaptation enables a tadople"s tail to be absorbed as it alters into a frog. Animals tend come be multicell organisms. Offer the levels of organization responsible for creating organisms.

I must do a poster ~ above Sickle cell Anaemia. What deserve to I carry out to do it interestin nd lively? any ideas?

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It smashville247.netmprises that phosolipids right? The phosphorus is hydrophilic, and the fat acids hydrophobic. Ns asked my teacher just how the water diffused in and out the the membrane then, and she said. "The water molecule are tiny enough the they just go through"

Now. I recognize I"m the student, yet that doesn"t fit through me? Then ns learnt about the transport protiens. And that made an ext sense.

But, is the the defenite way, and if so, what really happens in the process of water walking in and out of the membrane?

Why perform heart cells have a high amount of mitochondria?

Mitochondria room the organelles in the cabinet that produce energy in the form of ATP. When cells smashville247.netmplete the procedure of cellular respiration they create oxygen, glusmashville247.netse (C6H12O6), and also this type of energy. The heart muscle is truly amazing in that it is smashville247.netnstantly smashville247.netntracting and also relaxing, and never tires. Mitochondria are the means of providing energy for this smashville247.netnstant activity, and also a many are required for this. As the heart is smashville247.netnstantly pumping blood around the body, it demands a affluent supply of oxygen and also glusmashville247.netse. Over there are more mitochondria uncovered in love cells due to the fact that this way we room able to create enough power to save it functioning efficiently. This is a trait we human beings have evolved in bespeak to rise our possibilities of survival.