Easily the most ubiquitous bird about our small slice of heaven by the sea is the seagull. Not long after wade the coast

routinely you’ll start to an alert slight differences among what you believed were most likely one species of seagull. In truth there space dozens of types that speak to our beaches house most the the year, and also even one endemic to the Sea that Cortez, the Yellow-footed Gull distinguishable through its white head, glowing yellow beak with a red point out under the tip and bright yellow legs.

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Although known by many in coastal cities an ext as pests 보다 graceful, intelligent, skillful seabirds, the seagulls us come across along the beaches that Puerto Peñasco are generally in the latter category, though

not without your quirks and uniqueness amongst seabirds.

Here are just a couple of of those facts the make the seagull interesting amongst its winged peers:

Seagulls space monogamous creatures the mate for life and also rarely divorce. They have actually a strong societal framework that works really effectively against predators come their breeding colonies, together they will gang increase on the intruder with up to a hundreds gulls and drive castle away, ~ above occasion even driving them the end to sea come drown.As parents, seagulls are attentive and also caring, through both connected in incubating the eggs and also feeding and also protecting the chicks till they fledge.Seagulls are one of the few species the seabirds that have the right to survive drinking salt water, enabling them to undertaking far the end to sea trying to find food when necessary. This is made feasible by a one-of-a-kind pair the glands just above the eyes that flush the salt from their mechanism out through their nostrils.Seagulls are skilled fliers, having mastered manage of wind and also thermals, spicy directional changes, climbs and dives. They are a marvel to watch on publicly days together they float motionless making use of the wind and their superb vision to research the sea life listed below for potential prey.Studies have displayed seagulls to have a very developed, complicated communication device using a wide range of vocalizations and body movements.The seagull is the state bird of Utah with very great reason. They aided the Mormon settlers deal with a afflict of crickets that well may have actually prevented them from stable Salt Lake City. The occasion is well-known as the “Miracle of the Gulls.”

Seagulls space fun to watch and also fun to study as a birdwatcher if you’re into that sort of thing. As soon as you’ve figured out what friend think room all the varieties around the beach, you’ll still find more around because they seem to cover most of the Sea the Cortez from end to end and drop in top top each other from time come time. Well, who can resist stopping at one of our soft sandy beaches, after ~ all? Enjoy!

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